TV anime “BAKUMATSU” second period, 2019 broadcast decision! First ban on “Ikazuma 5 big news” of “BAKUMATSU”!

Official blog & LINE @ opening, Blu-ray jacket release, presenting announcement such as holding of handed-down meeting by cast voice actor
Flu Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Mishima, hereinafter Flu) has decided to broadcast the second period in 2019 for TV animation “BAKUMATSU”. In addition, we will inform you as we have banned “Ikizama 5 big news” about this work.
TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision
TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision
“BAKUMATSU” is a TV anime based on the popular romance game Flu’s popular romance game “Renai Bakumatsu Kareesi – Flower Blossoming Love Beyond Time” (below, love the end of curtain). On stage “Another Bakumatsu (Bakumatsu)”, I developed an original story depicting “Iksazuma” of men who have a hot will as Takasugi Shinsaku and others. In addition to the struggle against the legendary secret treasure “Shinji Shinji”, the comical figure that the appearing characters showed gained popularity, and the last round came on December 20, 2018 (Thursday) .
In the five major news released today, the opening of the official blog & LINE @ in addition to the TV announcement “BAKUMATSU” second period 2019 broadcast decision, “Ikazuma Complete Blu-ray” jacket illustration released in February 2019, Announced holding of a transfer party at the public recording event by acting voice actor Toshiyuki Aya and Mr. Tsubasa Tsuneo. Details can be confirmed from the following.

«TV animation” BAKUMATSU “official website»

TV anime “BAKUMATSU” “Ikazuma 5 big news” overview

1.: TV animation “BAKUMATSU” second period broadcast decision!
TV animation “BAKUMATSU” with a shocking last. In 2019 we plan to deliver the second phase with more powerful content. Details will be announced as soon as it is decided, with an official website of animation, official blog starting today, LINE @ etc.
※ Broadcast is scheduled for 2019, but it may be changed.
2 .: Official blog & LINE @ started!
Official blog and official LINE @ which can feel the charm of ‘BAKUMATSU’ familiarly are also starting. Production secrets etc. are planned to be delivered as well as information of the second term. Also, in LINE @ we are planning wallpaper gifts for friends only.
· TV anime “BAKUMATSU” Official blog: Ikizama Blog
· TV anime “BAKUMATSU” Official LINE @: bgn 4699 v

3.: BAKUMATSU Ikishama Complete Blu-ray Jacket Illustrations Released!
Publish a jacket illustration drawn by Mr. Natsuo who is responsible for the animation character original bill. It is an attractive one that makes cool appearances and expressions of characters including Takasugi Shinsaku and other characters.

Blu-ray includes all 12 episodes broadcast from October 2018 to December 2018. Specification that you can enjoy all the stories with one disc. In addition, we offer many benefits for purchasers. Includes images such as digests and PV collections of “BAKUMATSU Prior Screening” (held in September 2018) and sounds containing cast commentary. In addition, we will also present limited edition “Mellow Careset” Avatar and “Special Voiced” Drawing Story that can be used within the original game “Romance Bakumatsu Calcie”. Besides this, we will deliver the must-see content of both fans, including TV anime and draft games, including enclosing the giant castle leaflet Susanoo.

■ BAKUMATSU Ikishama Complete Blu-ray Outline

[Title of work] “BAKUMATSU”
[Price] 14,980 yen (excluding tax)
[Release date] February 27, 2019 (Wednesday)
[Content of contents] This volume (12 episodes) + image benefits
[Specifications] Animation Character Draft: Summer Student Lowering Jacket
[Enclosure privilege] Majo Castle Susanoo memorial leaflet
[Image Benefit] BAKUMATSU Prior Screening (held on September 23, 2018) Digest image (Cast: Eguchi Takuya, Aya Toshiyuki),
                 Non credit OP & ED, PV collection, numbering & CM collection
[Voice benefits] Episode 3: Cast commentary (cast: Takasugi Shinsaku, Nakamura Yuichi, Katsura Kogoro, Eguchi Takuya),
                 Episode 7: Cast commentary (cast: Takasugi Shinsaku, Nakamura Yuichi, Katsurari Kogoro, Eguchi Takuya)
[Game Benefits] Original game “Renai Bakumatsu Kalesi ~ flower blooming love over time” present in the application
1. Limited “Mame Careset” Avatar (Emperor, Isamu Kondo, Kozo Hijikata, Ryoma Sakamoto, Keishi Tokugawa, Kogori Kogoro)
2. Limited “With Special Voice” Drawing Story
※ Gaming benefits may be invalid without prior notice due to various circumstances.
※ The time limit for receiving gaming benefits will be May 10th, Wednesday, May 29th, 2019.
※ Only limited avatar will be accepted.
[Cast] Yuichi Nakamura, Takuya Eguchi, Shinichiro Miki, Sadako Matsuoka, Toshiyuki Someya, Takuya Sato, Tsubasa Kenaga, Keita Tada, Tatsuo Suzuki,
            Taku Yatsushiro, Shusuke Takeuchi, Yoshiki Nakajima, Hiroyuki Kinoshita, Nanami Yamashita, Kei Shinko, Ogno winter flower, Wataru Hatano and others
[Selling origin] Flee Co., Ltd.
[Seller] Overlap Co., Ltd.

4 .: All 12 episodes are delivered at once with Nico Nico Live!
In commemoration of “BAKUMATSU 2nd term broadcasting decision”, on January 10 th, 2019 (Thursday), Nico Nico Live will deliver all 12 episodes of TV anime “BAKUMATSU” in 1 st stages. You can enjoy the development of anger and their “Ikazama” at once.

■ “BAKUMATSU” 1 story – 12 stories Retrospective broadcasting overview

[Distribution date and time] January 10, 2019 (Thursday) 19: 00-24: 30 (time shift viewing: once for seven days)
[Viewing URL]

5.: Opening meeting by Toshiyuki Daiya and Tsubasa Tsuneyoshi held at the public recording of ‘Ikisuma Radio!’!
WEB Radio “Ikisuma Radio!”
WEB Radio “Ikisuma Radio!”
At the animate target shop, we hold an event for those who reserved or purchased “Bakumatsu Ikizama Complete Blu-ray” in full within gold. Popular TV anime “BAKUMATSU” WEB radio “Ikisuma Radio! “Will be held at Animate Ikebukuro head office. Furthermore, after the public record event, we held a handout meeting of limited venue postcards by Toshiyuki Daiya (role Tokozo Hijikata) and Mr. Tsubasa Kenpa (Okita Shoji) who appeared at the event. Rare valuable autograph postcards by Mr. Kayani and Mr. Yuanaga are also available. In addition, you can participate only for those who have a public recording event participation ticket. Please do not miss a valuable opportunity.

■ TV anime “BAKUMATSU” WEB radio “Ikisuma Radio! Published special summary

[Date and time] March 15, 2019 (Fri) 18: 30 ~
                 After the event the venue limited postcards passed (some autographed autographed autographs)
[Cast] Toshiyuki Aya (role played by Hijikata Hijikata), Ms. Tsubasa Kenaga (Okita Sōji)
[way to participate] Participation ticket “BAKUMATSU Ikizama Complete Blu-ray” (14,980 yen + tax) will be delivered to the customers who have purchased or purchased the full amount of money at the animation to be distributed. * The cash payment at the time of reservation will be accepted only by cash. Credit cards, animate points can not be used.
[Target Store] Animate Ikebukuro Head Office, Animate Shinjuku, Animate Shibuya, Animate Akihabara, Animate Yokohama
* Participation tickets will be distributed in quantity, first-come-first-served.
※ Date and time of appearance · Cast casts are subject to change without notice, so please be forewarned.
[Detailed URL]

※ 1st period information ※

What I really want to protect does not change even if it exceeds the time (hour).
The story that draws the full power “Ikazuma” by men with hot will now curtains the curtain!

TV animation “BAKUMATSU” drafted as the original draft of the popular work of “Fun love love love affair at romantic Bakumate Kalesi ~ time ahead of time” of 5 million download breakthroughs. Anime original story where charming characters mainly of Takasugi Shinsaku play active part in a different way from the original game.

Shosaku Takasugi, Takasugi Shinsaku and companion Katsura Kogoro will aim at the legendary treasure trekking (time) “Tokimei Shigi”. Takasugi, who followed Tatsunya at that time and boarded the Shogunate navy ship, was the other “Bakumatsu” that was dominated by the masked generals · Unlimited Sen (Musashi), which went lost! Even though the minds with their own thoughts and ideals, beliefs that can not yield, even if they exceed the time (hour), they draw their “Ikazama” hotly running through my way.

[Original] “Renai Bakumatsu Kalesi ~ Love Blooming Over Time” (Flew)
[Director] Masaki Watanabe
[Assistant Director] Akihiro Saito
[Series composition] Masahiro Yokoya
[Character draft] Summer students
[Character design] Shuichi Shimamura
[Color design] Imari Katsuragi
[Art director] Takeshi Sato
[Director of Photography] Shimosaki Akira
[Edit] Naoki Watanabe
[Music Director] Fujino Tadayoshi
[Music] Ryu Kawasaki
[Animation Production] Studio Dean
[Cast] Takasugi Shinpei: Nakamura Yuichi / Katsura Kogoro: Eguchi Takuya / Sakamoto Shinichiro: Miki Shinichiro / Okada Shozo: Matsuoka Tadanobu / Hijikata Shosozo: Nobuyoshi Kaya / Isamu Kondo: Takuya Sato / Souji Okida: Tsubasa Kenaga / Kazu Saito: Keita Tada / Tokugawa Yoshihiro: Suzuki Tatsuo / Yamazaki Tamaki: Yatsushiro Taku / Emperor: Takeuchi Shunsuke / Harumi: Nakajima Yoshiki and others
[Official website]
[Official Twitter] @ BAKUMATSU_info
[Copyright notation] (C) FURYU / BAKUMATSU Production Committee
[story] The end of the Tokugawa period.
A time when griefs of the future of the book are burning spirits who pursue according to their own beliefs.
Shosaku Takasugi, Founder Chizu Takasugi, was trying to get into a shogunate naval vessel led by Keikyu Tokugawa with Aibo’s Katsura Kogori.
The aim is “the power to manipulate time”, the legendary treasure, “Tokozini (Jing Shinji)”.
Takasugi who heard that the other shogunate is trying to take advantage of that power as mine

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