Girls & Panzer characters 90 people drawn! “Girls & Panzer” The third 10,000 piece puzzle early reservation benefit in Japan [Decatuto bag] is a picture release!

Set in Oarai-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, the animated cartoon “Girls & Panzer” which drew a world where girls used tanks to martial arts “Tank Road” and got a big hit, was inaugurated in theaters in 2019 “Girls & Panzer The final chapter “is the popular title scheduled for public release of episode 2.

This product has drawn 90 characters appearing in “Girls & Panzer” and finished in a jigsaw puzzle using 10,000 pieces which is the third in Japan. From around the middle of March 2019, it will be sold limitedly at gamers ‘gamers’ online shops nationwide.
“Girls & Panzer final chapter” 10,000 piece puzzle picture
“Girls & Panzer final chapter” 10,000 piece puzzle picture
If you make a reservation by January 13, 2019, you will receive a [deca tote bag] that will fit the outer puzzle box using the illustrations by Erika Nishi I will.

■ Product information
“Girls & Panzer final chapter” 10,000 piece puzzle
Release date: Mid March, 2019
Price: ¥ 59,800 + tax
※ When you make a reservation at the gamers online shop, we will charge 3,000 yen shipping fee separately.

Specifications: Puzzle size after assembly Vertical 1,470 x 2, 160 mm
Printing: Offset / 4C Printing
Box size: length 585 × width 785 × depth 50 mm
Weight: 10 kg
※ Specification is temporary.

Early booking benefit: Decato bag (West living Hisato Kotobuki West living Hitomi Erika)
Early booking benefit deadline: until January 13, 2019

Related URL: Gamers Online Shop

Rights notation: (C) GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt

※ The image of the benefit is under supervision, design may be changed.
※ The contents are subject to change / cancellation without prior notice.
※ The image is temporary. It may differ from the actual one.

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