iOS / Android “BLACK COMMAND” opens “RIVALS ARENA” to fight against players all over the world!

In the 2nd, collaboration of the dream with that “Resident Evil” series! What?
With the real military simulation “BLACK COMMAND” (basic play free) which is currently on sale at iOS / Android, the large update Ver. 2.0.0 “Overload” has started distribution. This is the first season, the season 0 of “RIVALS ARENA (rival’s arena)” that you can fight with players from all over the world who brought up started starts. In addition, as a second step, collaboration of dreams with the “Resident Evil” series will be implemented within the year.
■ Large update first bullet information – Ver. 2.0.0 “Overload” delivery ~
1. Interpersonal Battle Mode “RIVAL S ARENA” Season 0 Start

“RIVALS ARENA” is a new mode that you can fight against players from all over the world with troops that you raised.
It will be a great opportunity to try out as a commander.

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