Announced ‘Imoto twitter Grand Prize 2018’ which analyzed this year’s topic from Twitter!

What is the most talked about? Announced ‘Imoto twitter Grand Prize 2018’ which analyzed this year’s topic from Twitter!
In 2018, “Gintama” took the topic with movies and video distribution service! ~
NTT DATA CORPORATION announces “Imattsu Tweet Grand Prize 2018” to unravel content that became a topic on Twitter in 2018. In this award, the data scientist analyzes the topic volume on Twitter in 2018 in four categories: “movie”, “TV drama”, “video distribution service content”, “news”, and “buzzword trend”. did.
The movie that became the most talked about in 2018 was “There is only Gintama 2 rule to break” that recorded the 2.88 million tweets far apart from the second place by the tweet amount. In the top 10, animated films ranked in 6 pieces, and continued to be the result of continued popularity of animation works as last year.
TV Asahi drama ‘Otobu Love’ which controlled the TV drama department recorded about 800 thousand tweets, video distribution service contents followed the movie division, ‘Gintama 2’ recorded about 80,000 tweets. Comparing the two, you can see that the topic power of the TV program was far beyond this year.
In sports related news, figure skating monopolizes the top. It is understood that popularity is high even after the Olympic Games.
In the buzzword trend category, “virtual currency” controlled by overwhelming topical volume exceeding 16 million. Others, such as “(Osako) Half End”, “Kinoshita Agriculture Whirlwind”, “Naomi Knob” etc. ranked in, and it was a result that attention was gathered in animation and sports one year.

【Analytical topics】
■ In the movie, the overwhelming topical power of manga / animation movie turned out.
To the result that animation occupies 6 works in the top 10 works. The top “Gintama 2” recorded over 2.28 million tweets.

Figure 1: Topic volume ranking of published movies in 2018

In the TV drama, the program was raised with the official account, that work got first place!
It was found that the Sunday drama ranked in 5 works, and the ratio of posting on the program on the holiday was high.

Figure 2: TV drama tweet ranking ranking

■ “Gintama 2” also ranks first in video distribution service.
NETFLIX original overseas drama ranked in 3 works. On the other hand, overseas dramas with a large scale became popular as Japanese films were out of the range.

Figure 3: Delivery program tweet ranking

■ In sports related news, “figure skating” monopolizes the top!
The name of Yusuke Yasushi was named to three out of the top five, highlighting the strength of the popularity.

Figure 4: Tweet ranking of sports news

■ In words expressing buzzwords and trends, “virtual currency” is the top.
“Sorae” who won the new word · buzzword grand prize is the result that it is out of the range in the topic volume. However, a buzzword that was born in the sports scene that symbolized this year ranked in, and it became one year that got a lot of attention in sports.

Figure 5: Buzzword trends category ranking

For further detailed analysis results including “News department” in addition to the above four departments, please see the following.
“Imoto twitter grand prize 2018”

【Analysis summary of Imatei Twin Grand Prize 2018】
· This analysis was conducted under the following conditions.
● Extracted subjects: Extract tweets (relevant to all tweets in Japan) including the relevant keywords of the target department below.
· Film department
Analysis object: Tweet containing movie title (excluding subtitles) published in 2018 and “movie” at the same time.
· TV drama department
Analysis object: Tweet that includes the title name of “TV drama on air” in 2018, terrestrial wave, Tokyo key station and “drama” at the same time.
· News section
Analysis object: Tweet including URL of news portal site.
· News sports sports news
Analysis object: Tweets on sports including URLs of sports paper websites, portal sites and so on.
· Buzzword trend category
Analysis object: Twenty thousand words including 30 keywords nominated for the top ten of the Yuki new word · buzzword awards in 2018.
 ● Extraction period: January 1, 2018 ~ November 30, 2018

【About Imatoi】
Imattsu analyzes the voices of people who rise up to social media mainly on Twitter, in real time, finds the signal of the change of the world from there, and based on the massive amount of accumulated data, deep insight that is not so far, It excels the noise and complexity peculiar to big data, and it is a new form of news site of the big data era that delivers it intelligible and fun.

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