Anime park “Nijgenenomori” New attraction next spring open “NARUTO & BORUTO Nori” ticket advance sale 12/22 · 23 Sold at “Jump Festa 2019”

Pasona group Co., Ltd. Nidji Genomori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hyogo Prefecture Awaji-shi, President and CEO Hiroo Sadamatsu) is pleased to announce the opening of next spring in the anime park “Aidajima Park Animation Park” in Hyogo Prefecture next spring, boasting 140 million copies of original comic books New attraction “NORUTO & BORUTO Norita” with the theme of animation “BORUTO-BOLT – NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” depicting the activity of ninja anime “NARUTO-NARUTO” and the main character of “NARUTO-NARUTO” son Bolt of Uzumaki Naruto “NARUTO & SHINOBI-ZATO) “tickets will be pre-sold at” Jump Festa 2019 “to be held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City, Chiba prefecture) on Saturday, December 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sunday).
“NARUTO & BORUTO Nisato (SHINOBI-ZATO)” Ticket overview
(C) Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha · TV Tokyo · Pierrot
(C) Masashi Kishimoto Scott / Shueisha · TV Tokyo · Pierrot
Date and time:
December 22 (Saturday), 23 (Sun)

Amount of money:
Adult / 3,300 yen
Junior / high school student / 1,800 yen
Child / 500 yen
※ Prices include tax
※ free for 4 years and under


· If you purchased a ticket at “Jump Festa 2019”, you will receive “NARUTO & BORUTO Ninri (SHINOBI-ZATO) original” back type clear case “as a bonus
· On the start date of general sales, announced at a later date

“NARUTO & BORUTO NINISRI (SHINOBI – ZATO)” will set up a huge “Hokage Rock” and the full size doll of characters appearing in TV animation and reproduce the “Kno Leaves Hidden Village”. Participants enjoy the attractions while experiencing the world view of the TV animation “NARUTO – Naruto” and “BORUTO – Volt – NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” reproduced in the rich natural Awaji Island Park. Also, we will set up shops that sell original products that can only be purchased here, and restaurants that motif the ramen shop “Ichika” that appears in animation.

Through the opening of this attraction, Nijgenenomori will utilize Japan’s cool Japan content to promote attracting tourists both inside and outside the island, including tourists from abroad. And by visiting people to experience the nature and food of Awajishima, we will continue to disseminate the charm of Awajishima to the world.

■ New attraction “NARUTO & BORUTO Ninri (SHINOBI-ZATO)” Outline


Next spring in 2019 (planned)

place :
2425 Kusumoto Awaji-shi Hyogo ken
(Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island Park Anime Park “Niji Gennori” within the exchange zone)
Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island Park: 134.8 hectares
NARUTO & BORUTO NINRII (SHINOBI – ZATO) Area: approximately 8000 square meters

Reproducing the world view of animation “BORUTO-BOLT – NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” depicting the activity of the popular ninja anime “NARUTO-NARUTO” and the main character of “NARUTO-NARUTO” · Uzumaki Naruto son Volt. With the theme of the animated protagonist Talisman Naruto and Bolt ‘s “Kono Leaves Hidden Village”, participants can enjoy attractions where you can experience training

1. NARUTO attraction “Volume of the earth”
Attraction that you can experience the world view of “NARUTO-NARUTO”. Participants will clear the activities while overcoming numerous trials in order to gather “missing sealers” that have become missing

2. BORUTO attraction “Heavenly Volume”
A three-dimensional maze attraction that reproduced the world view of “BORUTO – Volt – NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS”. Participants participated in the ninja school (academy) graduation course which Bolt graduated, aiming for escape of the maze while using the head and body

3. Other
Shops selling original products that can only be purchased here and restaurants such as ramen shop “Ikkyu” appearing in anime set as a motif


· Benefits of attraction clearance
· The description is current at the time, there is a possibility of change. The latest information is released sequentially at the above HP

contact information :
Nidji Genomori Co., Ltd. “Nijgenenomori” administration office secretariat
Tel 0799-64-7061

■ Reference Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island Park Anime Park “Nijgenenomori” Outline
The Pasona Group has been working on its own regional activity project based on “human resources invitation” that various people ties together in collaboration with local governments and local stakeholders in Hyogo Prefecture Awajishima since 2008. In 2013, the “Awaji Manga / Anime Island Project” was adopted as “Planning proposal of private enterprise in prefectural Awaji Island park” which was publicly offered by Hyogo prefecture, and area due to attracting new tourists who utilized the magnificent nature of prefectural park We are promoting revitalization projects with Hyogo Prefecture.
※ You can see the details from HP

“Night walk fire bird”
With the theme of ‘Tezuka Osamu’s original’ Firebird ‘limited only after sunset in the evening, directing the nature inside the park with light and sound through techniques such as projection mapping. Chasing the original story of Fire Bird, you can experience a fantastic world of about 1.2 km (about 90 minutes)

“Crayon Shin Chan Adventure Park”
(1) “Urare! Sengokuousai Adventure!”
Movie Crayon Shinchan ‘Arena calling for a storm! Sengoku giant fight’ motif with a motif

(2) “Challenge! Action Masked Squadron!”
Crayon Shin Shan’s popular character “Action mask” as a motif, 225 m to glide through the giant water gun and a 140 m water zip line

“GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 135 °”
Opened on May 16th this year in the animation park ‘Nidge Genomori’ as a Grand Ping facility that provides dishes using ingredients from Awaji Island.
In addition to organizing activities that can feel the seasonal nature of Awaji Island every five senses, you can enjoy the best location in the evening where you can experience the brightly lit Kobe streets spreading on the opposite bank and the full stars of Awaji Island.
Under the supervision of Haruyuki Yamashita chef, Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo “food” participation, meals that are the real thrill of the trip offer creative dishes that can only be tasted here, using sticking Awaji Island products.

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