“Star Wars Resistance” Special Talk by Executive Producer

To the students studying CG · animation, the special behind-the-scenes and secrets of production are released!
December 3 (Monday) In HAL Tokyo, we invite Mr. Asina Portillo, Executive Producer, Star Wars Resistance, the latest TV series “Japan’s first TV series on December 9th (Sunday) at Disney XD and Dlife, It was held. Mr. Portillo has won the Emmy Award twice for “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and has been a major contributor to “Star Wars” TV animation series. As I could talk directly, the students seemed to be excited very much before the beginning.

Mr. Portillo who appeared with Mr. Jack Ryan of Polygon · Pictures, who was in charge of production during the magnificent plays music. First of all, I got an explanation about the world view and character of “Star Wars Resistance”. When asking for production, he seemed to list more than 20 Japanese animation as reference material, and revealed that the influence appears everywhere.


Subsequently, some behind the scenes of animation production are released. Several episode productions are responsible for polygon pictures from layout to lighting / compositing.
 While screening the actual scene’s making image, I explained the way that one scene is carefully created by specialists. It will take a year to make one episode! I was able to know the commitment of Lucas film pursuing quality.
(C) & TM 2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.

After the lecture, a question corner from the student was also set up. “What do you need for team collaboration?” “How do you keep team motivated?” The students doing team creation in classes seem to be concerned about the secret of team work. Mr. Portillo taught me that “I am honest and sincere communication is important,” even though it is a global creators, I carefully handle the basics.


At the end of the lecture, “I want you to believe in yourself and advance,” “It is a competitive industry, but it is important to fight myself not with other people” I got a message for students to go on. Students who got advice directly from top creators engaged in titles of yearning and dreamed of creators in the future seems to have led to motivation.

The speaker

Mr. Asina Portillo
“Star Wars Resistance” Executive Producer.
 As an intern, he joined Lucasfilm. When accepted by veteran Dave Phylloni of Lucasfilm and being assigned to the Star Wars animation production team, he won the Emmy Award twice for “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels” I won the Saturn Award twice. It is selected as one of “Women in Entertainment Power 100” of 2016 which Hollywood Reporter magazine elects.
(C) & TM 2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.

■ “Star Wars Resistance”

The stage of Star Wars is to the sky of the galaxy that was never before.
Many colorful and ingenious racing machines, including the familiar X wing, have appeared, and the greatest attraction is that the ultra-high-speed sky race and air fighting are carried out vividly. I expect from “new generation” Star Wars full of new perspective and speed!

This work is a new work drawn by director Dave Phylloni who directed “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels”, inspired by Japanese animation. It is impossible to keep an eye on how the story that delvered the pilot, not the Jedi, will be drawn in Masashi.
January 12, 2019 (Saturday), regular broadcasting started at Disney XD!
Official website https://starwars.disney.co.jp/tv/resistance.html
(C) & TM 2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.

■ Vocational school HAL

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