Shadowverse professional player “Feg”, winning the world’s most glorious and the largest US $ 1 million in the history of domestic events! (With personal comment)

【ESports】 Shadowverse professional player “Feg”, winning the world’s most glorious and the largest US $ 1 million in the history of domestic events! (With personal comment)
“Fetto” player belonging to the Shadowverse division of Libalent Co., Ltd. won a spectacular victory at “Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 (WGP)” held on 15th and 16th December 2018, as the individual player of Shadowverse in the world It shined in the seat of.
The defending player is also active as a member of the e sports pro team “Yoshimoto Libalent” in the “Shadowverse” department, where the e Sports Pro team run by Libalent Co., Ltd. established Tag with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. as a partner It was a wonderful achievement.

WGP was held as a world event with a prize total of 1,310,000 dollars (about 140 million yen in Japanese yen) using the full-blown smart card battle “Shadowverse” provided by Cygames Co., Ltd.
Combat players topped the top ranking among more than 10,000 participants in online qualifying “Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 JCG Preliminary Competition Playoff”, and the tickets for the second consecutive World Competition appearance following last year I got it.

Then on December 15, 2018 WGP began with the gathering of the world championship seed acquiring company last year and 24 powerful people who broke through qualifying in various places.
In the rule that eight of the top grades of Day 1 advance to the Grand Final of the next day, Fu Fighters topped fourth place. We successfully advanced the piece to Day 2 without incident.
The day 2 greeted with a tournament method, Fetu player defeated the EURO representative Hishiro at the first race, Riowh who passed the day 1 at the top at the second race was overturned to the final.
At last we reached the confrontation with US representative Potwasher. Among the three game preemption rules, the game was a 2: 2 pair and a fierce battle that did not give away one step each other, and the player who grabbed the victory in the last game is a coming player.
As the Shadowverse player I won the world’s best glory, and as a domestic e sports tournament I won the first prize of US $ 1 million, the largest ever.

At the end of the WGP, a preliminary announcement of the same size world conference was held in 2019, and 3 successive appearances and a world championship two consecutive championship are expected to players.
Please also look forward to the upcoming activities of the upcoming athlete individual as well as the upcoming activities at the affiliated professional team “Yoshimoto Libalent”.
【Comment from Fu Fighter】

It was a disappointing result that Famitsuki Cup 2017 won the 5 th place in last year’s world championships from the victory, and I am very happy that I have achieved the world championship victory that I have always stated as a goal.
In the 1st season of “RAGE Shadowverse Pro League” participating as “Yoshimoto Libalent”, I could not make much contribution to the team and it was a long time difficult but I also practiced well every day without giving up, but as a result of the qualifying tournament rest I got the right to participate in the world competition in the 2 frames.
And I really appreciate the members of “Yoshimoto Libalent” who, although there are coordination of the pro league, also came together to coordinate the world convention.
I think that the result of repeated efforts led to the victory, so I would like to accumulate practice for the second consecutive victory of the world tournament without getting stuck with the result of this time.

【”Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018″ special site】

Libalent is a pro esports team founded on June 1, 2017.
SuperEvil Mega Corp’s mobile esports is a sequel to the world-class action RPG + real-time strategy game (so-called MOBA) “Vainglory”, the biggest hit movie of Wii U ™ “Splatoon”, with four teams of water guns and buckets etc. It uses the popular FPS game “Call of Duty” series division of Action TPS “Splatoon 2” division, popular online card game “Shadowverse” division, fighting on the battlefield set on the battlefield using the action using ink It is.
The team belongs to the domestic top level professional athletes and participates in domestic and worldwide esports competitions as well as performances on events and programs, distribution of Live videos, etc. I will.
Libalent is derived from “Libertas” (the Statue of Liberty in Roman mythology) + “talent” (a person with talent), and it contains the fact that gifted talented people are active in a row.
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Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 victory, Famiya CUP 2017 victory, Shadow Bath Japan-Korea War Japan champion victory, RAGE Shadowverse World Grand Prix 5th place.
Attracting viewers with bullish play and glamorous looks, he has been doing a lot of achievements. “Yoshimoto Libalent” participating in the professional league as a player, active.

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Libalent Corporation
Address: 5-18-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Northwest Building 8F
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Person in charge: Ishii / Nishida

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