The fifth work of the distribution titles of the software “SEGA AGES” for Nintendo Switch (TM) is “SEGA AGES gain ground”

“SEGA AGES” Distribution title fifth work is decided as “gain ground”! Publish some of the additional elements!
SEGA Games Inc. announced that the fifth work of the distribution title of the software “SEGA AGES” for Nintendo Switch (TM) will become “SEGA AGES gain ground”. This work is the first transplant work of the arcade version “Gain Grand” which had never been fully ported until now. In addition, we released some of the additional elements unique to “SEGA AGES”.

“SEGA AGES gain ground”
※ The screen is under development.

【Game introduction】
It is a tactical action shooter game where twenty fellows fight together in order to stop the computer that was driving runaway, set in the leisure facility “Gain Grand” of the future world, to save those trapped inside. Let’s clear 40 stages that were divided into four worlds by mastering individual character characters and versatile weapons.

[Additional elements introduced] In this SEGA AGES version, useful functions and elements are enriched, including “helper” function, network ranking which can be restored just before mistake.

· Playable in portrait!

· Started with 20 characters from 1 side, with “full member mode” with stage select possible!

· Also includes overseas version that can play 3 people simultaneously!

【 Product Summary 】
Product name: SEGA AGES Gain ground
Supported models: Nintendo Switch ™
Release date: scheduled for delivery in 2018
Price: 999 yen (tax included)
※ Download sales from Nintendo e shop
Genre: Tactical Action Shooting
Number of players: 1 to 2 people (game version overseas: 1 to 3 people)
Release / sales: SEGA Games Inc.
CERO notation: A classification (for all ages)
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
Official website:

■ “SEGA AGES” channel is in operation on Nintendo Switch ™ game news!
We are currently managing the “SEGA AGES” channel at “Game News” that delivers the latest information on games of Nintendo Switch ™ to the main unit.
We will send you the latest information on this series, so please register your channel by all means.

【How to register channels】
1. Select “Game News” from the HOME menu of Nintendo Switch ™.
2. Select “Find a channel” in the upper right corner of the game news screen.
3. Register “SEGA AGES” channel.

■ “SEGA AGES” The title being distributed is here!
· “SEGA AGES Sonic the Hedgehog” (distributed on September 20, 2018)
Sonic speed hedgehism that gaming fans all over the world became enthusiastic, “Sonic” debut work as the beginning of all stories.

· “SEGA AGES Thunder Force IV” (distributed on September 20, 2018)
The fourth work of the big hit series “Thunder Force” produced by legendary popular software maker “Techno Soft”.
※ In September 2016, Sega Games Co., Ltd. received rights for Techno Software Brand from Twenty One Co., Ltd.

· “SEGA AGES Phantasy Star” (distributed October 31, 2018)
The first piece, which is the starting point for all popular RPG “Phantasy Star” series. We have opened up a new path to RPG with the view of the world full of originality and graphics animating smoothly.

· “SEGA AGES Outrun” (distributed on November 29, 2018)
In the beautiful scenery of Europe, it is a grandfather drive game running around with a sports car on masterpieces.
While enjoying the beauty of the scenery of each course, it is attractive that you can enjoy it as if you were driving.

■ There are many titles to be delivered in the future!
“Alex Kid’s Miracle World” “Space Harrier” “Column II” “Thunder Force AC”
“Sonic the Hedgehog 2” “Virtua Racing” “Puyo Puyo” “Puyo Pu Yori” … and more!

⇒ Details are here “SEGA AGES” portal site

■ What is “SEGA AGES”
Beyond the era, “SEGA AGES” is a brand that revives Sega’s masterpiece title to the present age. While trying to reproduce faithfully to the original as much as possible, incorporate new additional elements that were not included in the original version and the previous transplant version, and reprint so that you can enjoy it more comfortably for everyone. Nintendo Switch ™ download monopoly with numerous titles from successive arcade and consumer games including “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Thunder Force IV”, and so on.

■ Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

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