Chicken degree diagnosis game on Nintendo Switch (TM) “Torisamu (Toradama) ~ Everyone diagnoses chicken degree ~”

Decide the strongest chicken! ! Chicken degree diagnosis game at Nintendo Switch (TM) “Toritami (Torimama) ~ Everyone diagnoses chicken degree ~” Start distribution!
Gee Mode Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo Shinagawa-ku, President and CEO: Toshinori Aoki
Nintendo Switch (TM) We will inform you that we started distributing chicken degree diagnostic game “Torikami ~ everyone with chiken degree diagnosis ~” only for downloading.

“Tori Gun ~ Everyone to diagnose chicken degree ~” What?
Decide the strongest chicken! ! !

“Tori Gun ~ Everybody diagnoses chicken degree ~”, by playing a mini game with chicken race as a theme
It is a diagnostic system game where you know the chicken degree of the player.

In the crisis situation of various situations, based on the timing of pushing the button
I will diagnose a weak Kimochi “chicken degree” in my chest.

Distributed in the past, feature phones and Nintendo DSiWare ™,
This work which has diagnosed chicken degree of many players crosses the time of less than 10 years,
I also hung on the Nintendo Switch ™ by taking the mode for two more.

In “Crazy Mode” which appears when releasing all problems
It corresponds to the world ranking crazy crazy truth opposite to chicken which everyone seemed impossible to realize.

Even one, two, everyone.
Please decide the strongest chicken at “Tori Gun ~ everyone to diagnose chicken degree ~”.
“Torisam ~ Everyone diagnoses chicken degree ~” Game outline
◆ Torisamu history first! “Two birds soul” mode installed!
With less than 10 years of research results, we finally became able to diagnose the degree of chicken at the same time at the same time.
Of course, it is also possible to diagnose chicken degree by one as usual.
The fight between the two scattered sparks, the circumference of watching will also become increasingly visible.

◆ New problem added! New mode “Crazy mode” also appeared!
Every time you clear the question that you will be asking three questions, the diagnostic result is displayed and a new problem is added.
When all problems are released, a new mode “crazy mode” will appear.
“Crazy mode” is a mode that keeps on exactly the highest grade evaluation “CRAZY”, and keeps running on the limit.
It also supports the worldwide ranking and can participate in the battle to decide crazy in Ichiban in the world.

◆ 30% discount campaign until 2019/1/8 (Wednesday)! Can buy it for 500 yen → 350 yen!
1/8 (Wed) until 23: 59, as a release commemoration campaign
Because you can buy it at 350 yen (tax included) at regular price, 350 yen (tax included) at 30% off
It is recommended for gatherings of the year-end and New Year and party.
“Torisam ~ Everyone diagnoses chicken degree” Product information
· Title: Everyone reads air.
· Distribution start date: December 20, 2018 (Thursday)
· Genre: Chicken degree diagnosis game
· Supported models: Nintendo Switch ™ download only
· Price: 500 yen → 350 yen ※ 30% off until 1/8 (Wed)!
· CERO: A (for all ages)
· Number of players: 1 or 2 people
· Development · Sales: Gee · Mode
· Rights expression: (C) G-MODE Corporation
· Official website:
· Download:


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We also do licensing business of “Data East” title which gained popularity with arcade and home game machines.
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