World Heritage 25th Anniversary Special Project “World Heritage Himeji Castle Omoi desires asahi from ~ Himeji Castle special release and breakfast accommodation plan at Himeji Castle Guesthouse ~” on sale
Expand guests by morning sightseeing!
JTB Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroyuki Takahashi) cooperates with Himeji City to offer travel products limited to four days from Thursday, January 31st 2019 to Sunday, February 3, 2019 We are selling “World Heritage Himeji Castle Great Tempu wishing for Asahi – Himeji Castle Special Exposure and Including Breakfast with Himeji Castle Guesthouse ~” from Himeji Castle World Heritage Registration Anniversary December 11 (Tuesday).
Himeji Castle, after the fortress was first built in 1333, the captain ordered the castle. A beautiful castle called Chalka called “Hakusagi Castle” was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1993.
In this accommodation plan, we visited five national treasures such as “Higashi Small Tenchu ​​by the first public release of the World Heritage 25th Anniversary Winter”, a small tomboy released for the first time in nine years, a wagon of Lee · ha · h In addition, as a limited plan for this accommodation plan, you will enjoy Asahi from Himeji Castle Tenpyo at dawn, and a Japanese breakfast using local ingredients at Himeji Castle Guesthouse will be served.
Asahi hoping from dry tomb (image)
Asahi hoping from dry tomb (image)
In addition to this accommodation plan, at JTB, the program was “February 15, 2019 February 2019” with “Hime-chan and walking viewing the world heritage Himeji Castle in the morning sun and breakfast of castle town old houses – co-star of the four temples and sunrises” We are planning and implementing for a limited time until Friday (Friday). From the man on the west side of Himeji Castle to the castle tower and the three small castors tower rising on the morning sun and the view point of Himeji Castle “Himeji Castle Ten Tokushi”, we will cycle around the six scenic with bicycle and walk. As we have information on English, we can enjoy morning sightseeing for foreign visitors to Japan.
Himeji Castle in the morning glow that you desire from Osan Drainage Pond Park (image)
Himeji Castle in the morning glow that you desire from Osan Drainage Pond Park (image)
In Himeji city, although many tourists visit from around the world mainly around Himeji castle, it is one of the tasks that the proportion of guests is small. Through both plans, JTB will create charm to stay in Himeji city and contribute to expansion of interchange population.


1. A sunrise view from World Heritage Himeji-jo Castle Temple
~ Himeji Castle special release and breakfast included accommodation plan at Himeji Castle guesthouse ~
Breakfast at Himeji Castle Guest House (image)
Breakfast at Himeji Castle Guest House (image)
● Setting date: January 31, 2019 (Thur), February 1 (Fri), February 2 (Saturday)
February 3 (Sun)
● Travel fee example: 12,500 yen ~ 13,600 yen
(Hotel Monterey Himeji / Twin room for 2 people / one adult)
* Dwarf (elementary school student ~ 18 years old): 700 yen less than adult travel fee
※ Included in travel fee:
Accommodation fee / Breakfast fee / Himeji Castle entry fee / Himeji Castle guide fee
● Tour operator: I will not accompany you. Local staff attend on Himeji Castle sightseeing on the second day.
● Day 2 Collection time: 6 PM
● Day 2 meeting place: Himeji station inside Himeji sightseeing tour port before
● Travel planning and implementation: JTB Himeji Branch
● Business entity: Himeji city
● Planning and Cooperation: (Public) Himeji Tourism Convention Bureau
● Application: JTB Himeji branch · WEB site

2. World Heritage Sites Showing Asahi Hime-chan and Walking Over Himeji Castle and Breakfast at the Castle Town Old Private House
~ Co-star of the four Tenshi and the Asahi · Himeji Castle Hakkei 6 –
Program stroke
Program stroke
● Setting date: Saturday, December 1, 2018 ~ February 15, 2019 (Friday)
【Setting exclusion date: Wednesday, 29th December 2018 ~ Friday, January 4, 2019】】
● Participation fee: Adult 7,500 yen
Child (13 years old and under 18 years old) ¥ 6,800
※ Included in the price:
Guide fee · Breakfast charge · Rental bicycle usage fee · Himeji Castle admission fee
※ If you do not enter Himeji castle: Adult / child same amount 6, 300 yen
(All amounts include tax)
● Meeting place: Himeji station inside Himeji sight seeing port
● Duration: Depends on departure date
[December 16, 2018 – January 31, 2019] 6: 25
【December 1 – 15, 2018, 1 – 15 February 2019】 6: 15
● Program planning and implementation: JTB Himeji Branch
● Cooperation: Himeji City
(Public corporation) Himeji sightseeing convention bureau ·
NPO Himeji Convention Support · Mimi-chan · Nishimatsuya Chene Hime-chan
● Application: JTB Himeji branch · WEB site

※ Both plans will be rainy or cloudy. Weather may not be visible due to weather.

JTB Himeji Branch TEL: 079-289-2120 Opening Hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 30 (Saturdays, Sundays, Holiday, and 12 / 31-1 / 3 Closed)

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