The debut of a fish caught by a fish! Virtual talent “My research student Masima Himeco.”

The debut of a fish caught by a fish! Virtual talent “My research student Masima Himeco.”
December 25 (Tue) 19:00 First show distribution by SHOWROOM delivery (URL:
Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Shintaro Tsuji Sanrio) announces the affiliation of “research student” for the first time in the history of 59 years. In the future, as a virtual SHOWROOMER, the newcomer “Near student Masima Himeko.” Performs live distribution regularly at the virtual live space “SHOWROOM” operated by SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo Shibuya-ku, President and CEO Yuji Maeda) To go. Mr. Mashima Himeko’s self-introduction is scheduled for distribution of the first memorable day (from December 25 (Tue) 19:00) delivery.


Nearby research student Masimihimeko.

I was scouted to tuna (current manager) where I was staggering along the Tamagawa river, the reason for his debut. Although I could not become obedient and obedient, I jumped into this world to change myself self, but as I look at the backs of the great cute seniors, “I find my own” cute “and want to deliver it to everyone!” It is said that he began thinking. Currently I am struggling day by day as an office research student.

Birthday July 22
Trozone pizza potato chips among the things I like
Something weak weak crustaceans
Hobby Must stay in the room on holiday and watch favorite MV (music video)

From Mashima Himeko
Nice to meet you! It is Masimihimeko! I am trying hard to be able to do live streaming like students who are still immature but still enjoyable to everyone!
First delivery on the 25th is planned to answer questions from everyone so please come and visit ~ ♥

Masima Himeko Self-introduction video release!
Interview of Masima Himeko and manager and self-introduction movie are being released on official account!
Opening Period: Thursday, December 20, 2018, 15: 00 ~
〇 YouTube
〇 [Self Introduction] Nearby research student Masima Himeko. is!
〇 [Before debut] We interviewed at Sanrio headquarters!


SHOWROOM is a live distribution platform that anyone can broadcast and view live at no charge in the virtual live space. Various events such as terrestrial television appearances and model debuts in fashion magazines are held all the time, and people who want to realize their dreams and those who want to support it are gathered.

Masimihimeko’s SHOWROOM environment

★ Adopted distribution system utilizing VR device
Nearby research student Masimihimeko. “AniCast (R)” of EXVIEVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yoshihito Kondo) is adopted as the distribution system with SHOWROOM. “AniCast (R)” is a VR animation production tool that can also deliver real-time delivery that is full of 3DCG characters using the VR device “Oculus Rift” and the controller “Oculus Touch”. This system can be delivered alone without the need for large-scaled equipment or motion capture studio. Guggenka (R), who is good at 3DCG modeling and animation expression in the xR region, is in charge.

★ Integration with gift function
This delivery is possible with “virtual gifting” linked to the function “gifting” that can support distributors of SHOWROOM. Items and comments can reach the hands of Masima Himeko and can also perform like having it in hand. When giving free items, stars are flowing in the background, and distribution of the listener’s behavior is reflected.

★ Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2010. VR technology has transformed itself into rich lives, as if PCs and the Internet have melted into their lives, I am convinced that they will be indispensable, and I have promptly disseminated Consumer VR to Japan mainly on character works.
Achievement: “Hatsune Miku VR Special LIVE – ALIVE -“, “DMM GAMES VR × Touken Ranbu – ONLINE – Crescent Moon Ver. March 2018 AniCast (R) VR animation production tool released.

Founded in 2015. Using entertainment as a weapon “Creating a society in which efforts are rewarded with fairness” SHOWROOM operates the live video streaming platform “SHOWROOM” from the desire to make the world where people trying hard are finally rewarded and winning We produce programs, etc. and support the realization of dreams and goals of expressers who distribute with SHOWROOM.

★ Gugenka (R) (CCS Reporter Co., Ltd.)
Inauguration in 2017. Advanced content development team of CCS Reporter, Inc. aiming at a world that combines reality and animation with xR technology. We are working on ‘Tohoku Megu’ and popular animated digital figure service ‘HoloModels’.

(C) ’12,’ 18 SANRIO work Corp. Sanrio

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