A lot of themes tickle the girl’s heart! A novel type game “Story Jar” appears! The story develops steadily depending on your choice

Distribution started on December 20, 2018
NTT Solmare) announced the latest version of “Love Story Jar” for English women’s “Love Story Jar” mobile (Android, We will start providing services for iOS terminals.

This work is a story selection type adventure game. The player chooses a favorite scenario from a lot of themes and encounters many selection scenes while advancing the story. And, as a result of that choice, the expansion of the story diverges in various ways. Any tale will be even more exciting depending on player’s choice. Moreover, since the scenario is added every week, it is possible to always have a fresh surprise and a lot of excitement.

1. Game Outline
(1) Various scenario themes

“You are the daughter of a royal family who died 1000 years ago, the King said to you as the queen of the nibbleheim of the dead country, so we have picked you up.”
You awakened by the sounds of the knocks of the three men, you remember important things.
– That was right, I was dead.
But I can not believe that such a dead country or queen!
You are deepening your bonds with funniest inhabitants living there while being caught up in a variety of happening at Nibbleheim, who was brought in with half trust.
On the day of wedding, swearing eternal love is one thing …?


◆ Pretty Awesome ◆
You are supposed to join the school mistake contest due to some circumstances.
But behind the gorgeous world, lots of lies are swirling … ….
Even for attractive and beautiful girls, there are lots of back faces that people can not show!
Can you reach the Queen’s chair where everyone in the school admires?


◆ Lost Island ◆
You beautifully decided to be assigned as a researcher to Aojima, a small island.
On this island some experiments were underway under the supervision of the government.
New energy XH. As for research on this energy which can be said as the discovery of the century,
Conflicting government and islanders.
On the island which descended while feeling insecure, you meet a certain man.
Sad and horrible incidents where various speculations interlace quietly.


◆ Become Elite ◆
You, a millionaire uncle who had not exchanged a mysterious death, and you inherited the huge heritage including the Great Liberation House in the suburbs of London “Water Lily Hall”.
Three of the butler who are waiting is different types, but one habit and two habits are likely to be different.
We will receive Spartan education by the butler aiming for socializing debut three weeks later.


◆ Mononoke Kiss ◆
“I’ll protect you, so who will you choose?”
This is a story of a long time ago. I grew up with nothing as a princess.
That one day. Suddenly the castle is attacked by youkai.
What are the enemy’s youkai’s aiming at … me? What? Why me? What? What?
Suddenly hit the enemy youkai and the twinks youkai sent to protect me.
Peaceful days will not come to me until I beat the enemy.
Which petty do you get over this pinch?
Love beyond the tribe flares up now!

(2) Features of the game
– Abundant login bonus, quest function function that you can play until satisfied even if you are free.
■ Fancy design and album function that you can enjoy without having beautiful graphics.
■ High quality graphics and inspiring sound that will make the story more exciting.
■ I surely find my favorite scenario! A lot of themes and about 100 additional contents every month.
■ A scenario where endings change with choices that can be enjoyed any number of times.

2. Delivery overview
· Title: Story Jar
· Pricing structure: basic play free (item charge type)
· Distribution start date: December 20, 2018
· Language: English
· Supported models: Mobile: iOS 9.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later
· Access method: Mobile: Please access below from the smartphone terminal
URL: http://shallwedate.jp/en/bundle/bundle_002.html
* It can not be used from Japan

3. Social communication
 “Story Jar” Official instagram page

Four. About NTT Solmare Corporation
  NTT Solmare aims to “enrich people’s minds through entertainment” and operates “Comic Seamore,” one of the largest e-book services in Japan, a love game “Shall we date? Series” “Moe Ninja Girls “, and entertainment services centered on new business” Rinkink “music application.
 Official URL: http://www.nttsolmare.com/

■ Electronic Book Business
· Management of the largest e-book distribution site “Comic Seamore” in Japan
 Official website: https://www.cmoa.jp/

· Offering Seymour BOOKSPOT for unlimited comic reading service for business operators
· Development of the original brand “Solmare Editorial Department” that drives digital publishing

· We Love comic “Atsumare! A man who loves manga.”
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■ Game business
· Providing and managing the series “Shall we date?” For love simulation game application for women
 Official website (English): http://shallwedate.jp/

· Provision and operation of “Moe! Ninja Girls” love simulation game application for men
  Official website (English): http://ninjagirls.moe/



■ New business
· A new type of messaging application “Lylink” made with music and photos
 Official website: https://www.lylink.net/

NTT Solmare Corporation
Yanagisawa, Game Division, Hokkaido House
Contact address: 06-6228-8861
Email: info@nttsolmare.com

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