Experience type sports theme park “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa” Opened on December 20! First advance in Tokyo! !

Bring your child, lover, colleague, grandparents and play “90 minutes”!
Legend Baseball Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter Legend Baseball Co., President: Keiichi Yamauchi) is the first large-scale store in Tokyo that has a large selection of sports physical development machines developed and operated, experiential sports theme park “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa “in the commercial building” Takeki Nakatake “in the north entrance of Tokyo Tachikawa station, we will inform you of the opening of the pre-opening from 10 o’clock Thursday, December 20, 2018.

◆ Outline of store opening

 Store name: “Legend Sports Heroes Tachikawa”
 Official website: http://legendheroes.co.jp/
 Business start: Started from December 20, 2018 (Thursday)
 Address: 2-11-2 Takeshicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo Fumi Nakita Building B1F
 Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 25: 00 ※ Closed at 20 o’clock only tomorrow 12/20 (Thu)
 Floor area: about 410 tsubo
 Floor configuration: 1. Introduction of 18 kinds of 25 experienced sports machines / 25
2. Food court restaurant consisting of about 30 tsubo / 4 companies (4 brands) (planned next spring)
 Target attribute: Families including infants, students, couples, salaried workers, foreign tourists, etc.

◆ About sports machines to be introduced (Operation of 25 types of 25 types * There may be changes depending on operating conditions)

1. Legend baseball
2. Legend football
3. Slingshot
4. Legend Archery
5. Dynamite pose
6. Candy slash
7. Legend Clay Shooting
8. New Legend Hunting (released)
9. Legend pitching
10. Legend curling
11. Legend ping pong
12. Legend Horse Riding
13. New legend squash (unpublished content)
14. New Legends Ski (unpublished content)
15. New legend Pinball (unpublished content)
16. New Legend Phishing (released)
17. Legend basketball (Undisclosed content ※ scheduled to introduce store at the end of December to January 2019, possibility of change)
18. Legend darts (Undisclosed content ※ scheduled to introduce store at the end of December to January 2019, possibility of change)

◆ What is “Legend Sports Heroes”?

Following Chiba, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima and Miyagi (December 2018), the “Legend Sports Heroes” will be the first store in the city to combine sports and large screen with advanced technologies such as IT technology, machinery and electronics , E-Sports (electronic sports) as enjoyable as “competition”, “familiarity” that everyone can enjoy, “real” not virtualized, “extensibility” of contents, etc. Experience type sports brand, experienced facility, E-Sports (electronic sports) theme park, which has a lot of them.

Enjoy a variety of experiential sports machines from children to adults such as “horse riding” and “skiing” as well as “classic sports” baseball “and” soccer “with the theme of” attraction space everyone enjoys “.

Following the opening of Tokyo Tachikawa and Miyagi scheduled to open soon in Legend Baseball, next year we will continue to strongly push forward with domestic and overseas stores in mind that we will open more than 500 tsubo.
Even in the development of experiential sports machines, we will continue to devote ourselves to the creation of a sports market that has never existed, with a view to using 5G, AR, etc.
We are waiting for the encounter with everyone from the bottom of my heart.

□ Legend Baseball Corporation https://www.legend-bb.com/
□ Legend Sports Heroes Official Website http://legendheroes.co.jp/
□ Legend baseball facebook https://www.facebook.com/legendbbjapan/
□ Legend baseball Twitter https://twitter.com/lbbjapan
□ Legend baseball Instagram https://www.instagram.com/legend_sports_heroes/

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