“Diva of trackers” Singer “Ad” new song release live!

“Ad”, a singer who released a new song “I love you”, held a new song release on December 17 at Tokyo · Ginza “TACT”.


Ad made debut as a member of the trio unit “Luxis” (Laxis) in 2008, started solo activities after the dissolution of Luxis in 2011, was a singer who made a solo debut in “Love is ad lib” in 2016, In recent years it has been drawing attention as a “diva of trackers”.


This “tracker” is a person who loves trucks decorated such as “Decorato” familiar with the movie “Trucker” or “Art Truck”, through various teams and organizations spread all over the country, grassrootsly The existence of the ad became known, and now it is becoming the first popularity to have the series in the Art Track specialty magazine “Track Soul”.


■ Solo debut single “Koi ad lib” (released on December 14, 2016)

The ad supported by the people of such “tracker” says “When first standing in front of people, when we first started working after the unit that we had previously broken up, we started solo debut and started singing new songs Sometime, and all the milestones were “the stage of the truck”, “commenting on the relationship between the ad in the singer ‘s life and the track.

In the live performance of the new song of this day, the cover songs such as “love is ad lib” of solo debut songs, new singles released “songs like”, “love vacation”, “drunk” We played 11 songs along with the familiar “Yume Staband” at Kayo Festival.

Also, Mr. Atsushi Suzuki, a composer who led her to the world of singing in 2008, also came and got on stage. An advertisement that he stood on the same stage for the first time as a teacher was biting a bond with ten years of teacher, “It seems like a day like this is a dream, it is truly amazing.”

For solo debut after a solo debut, for the new song for the first time in 2 years “The truck soul” series title is “10,000 travel journals”, the goal is to sell 10,000 copies first I think that it is “last chance”, so I will try my best to make the most of this opportunity next time. ”

■ Ad New Single “I like it”
Now On Sale!

“because I like”

1, because I like it (Lyrics: Keiko Yuki / Composition: Atsushi Suzuki / Arrangement: Takanori Kanazawa)
2, Keep waiting (Lyrics: Iwatani Tokiko / Composition: Atsushi Suzuki / Arrangement: Sakuraba Nobuyuki)
3, because I like it (original · karaoke)
4, Because I like it (Karaoke with a melody)
5, Keep waiting (original · karaoke)

¥ 1204 + tax

Adsolol debut single “Love is ad lib”
Now On Sale!

1, “Love is ad lib” (Lyrics: Kazura / Composition: Atsushi Suzuki / Arrangement: Ryo Shirakawa)
2, “Oumu” (Lyrics: Kazura / Composition: Atsushi Suzuki / Arranged: Nobuyuki Sakuraba)
3, “love is ad lib” (original karaoke)
4, “love is ad lib” (karaoke with melodies)
5, “Omu” (original karaoke)

¥ 1204 + Tax

■ Teichiku Entertainment

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