More than half of Z generations, “I want to watch e sports”  

More than half of Z generations, “I want to watch e sports”
“Survey on Actual Conditions of Game Usage [Z Generation and Middle-Aged / Aged Editions]”
~ The accounting experience of the game application is 60% for the Z generation, 40% for the middle-
JustSystems Co., Ltd., “Market Research Camp (Marketing Research Camp)” on the marketing research information website, “Survey on actual usage of games related to games [Z generation and middle-aged and elderly]” conducted using the net research service “Fastask” We will announce the results of.
This survey covers 2,200 male and female aged 15 to 69 years old. In addition, we will provide free download downloads of 74 pages of survey results summarized as summary data from “Marketing Research Camp” voluntary survey report page (

【Summary of Survey Results】

■ At the Z generation, the proportion of using game applications is 70% or more. 40% of middle-aged and older age
It was born in the mid-1990s to the beginning of the 2000s, and generations where PCs and the Internet existed from the time they were born are called “Z generations”. 73.6% of “Z generation” using smart phones uses “game application”, while 37.5% of “middle-aged and older age” was using “game application”.

■ Billing experience of game applications is 60% for Z generation, 40% for middle-aged and older age
Of the “Z generation” using smartphone users, 57.2% answered “I have a billing experience with game applications”, while “middle-aged and older” was 39.2%.

■ Z generation and middle-aged and elderly, more than 70% “use game application almost every day”
Among “Z generations” that use gaming applications with smartphone users, 72.1% were “using game applications almost every day”, and 74.5% were “middle-aged and older”. The use frequency of “middle-aged and older age” slightly exceeded “Z generation”.
More than half of Z generations, “I want to watch e sports”
In recent years, “Z generation” who replied “I want to watch spectator” e sports attracting attention as a new sport game has more than half, 56.7%. Meanwhile, “middle-aged and elderly” remained at only 25.0%.
※ “I’d love to watch watching” “It feels like to watch spectators, but I feel that the threshold is a bit high”.

About 30% of Z generation girls are “friendly to game men”. Less than 10% in middle-aged and elderly people
When asked how the game felt against the hobby’s heterosexuality, 30.1% of women of “Z generation” answered “I can be likable” and 18.6% answered “I can not like it”. For “middle-aged and older women” it was “likable” was 8.3%, “not likable” was 49.7%.
 ※ “It can be likable” is the sum of “I can have likable” and “I can feel a little”. “I can not like it” is the sum of “I do not like it much” and “I can not like it”.

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