“Collaboration function” which can collaborate delivery of VTuber with just a smartphone is released!

“Hororaibu Distribution Application” released a collaboration function that enables collaboration of VTuber alone with smartphone only!
Cover Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Motohiro Tanigo), which develops a delivery service that can become a VTuber, develops collaboration function that makes collaboration between VTubers possible only with smartphone and releases it to belonging VTuber It was.

● Background of development

In the present situation, in order to collaborate between VTubers, it was necessary to connect to the PC and use the screen sharing of the voice chat service etc, but by using the collaboration function of the holographic delivery application, it is possible to use VTuber alone It is now possible to collaborate.
Also, without using the greenback chroma key etc, you can superimpose characters together, so you can deliver like a more realistic animation.

● Function overview

The collaboration function realizes the following functions.
· Real time sharing function of audio
· Motion sharing function of movement, scaling, facial expression, hand movement

● Future prospects

In the current application, it will be collaboration function of up to two at the same time in one space, but we are considering updating so that more people can collaborate in the future.
Also 3D VTuber, 3D VTuber and Live2D VTuber are also considering functions that can collaborate in the same space.

 ● Cover Co., Ltd.

Cover Co., Ltd. is a content x technology startup, with the vision of utilizing VR / AR technology to create a new virtual talent culture worldwide.

● Company profile

Company Name: Cover Co., Ltd.
Location: Shinkawa 1 – chome, Chuo – ku, Tokyo 4-8 Forum Shimada 2 3 floor
Representative: Masaaki Tanigo, President and CEO
URL: http://cover-corp.com

● Inquiries regarding this matter

In charge: Fukuda (Fukuda)
Email address: info@cover-corp.com

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