The last official event of this year of e sports’s popular event “Puyo Puyo”  

The last official event of this year of popular event “Puyo Puyo” e sports which was also chosen for buzzword award. Sega Games Official ‘Puyo Puyo Championship’ December 2018 Tournament 【Report on implementation】
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Sega Games Co., Ltd. is a Japan · e Sports · Pro licensed title, a competition action puzzle game “Puyo Puyo” series e sport pro event “Puyo Puyo Champion Ship” December 2018 tournament at the SEGA SAMMY Group head office in 2018 12 It was held on Sunday, 16th (Sunday).
This tournament was a delta player who won the “Puyo Puyo Cup” which was held on December 15 (Saturday) and 16th (Sunday) at e sports pro competition by Japan e sport · pro licensed player of “Puyo Puyo” series Including three new professional athletes, including a total of 23 athletes fought in the tournament battle.

First, the match of Kamestry player of the first match and MATTYAN player, the match of the COO player of the second game and the game of Zajirushi were performed at the same time. “As MATTYAN players got on the momentum, they could not afford a hand,” as commented by Tom’s commentator, the Kamestry player who has won the Puyo Puyo Championship was the beginning of the turbulence of defeating the two sets. In addition, although the game of COO player and Zajarro players gathered up one set at a time, at last the players took advantage of the experience and won the race.
And the delta player of the third game, the game of selva player, the match of the fourth game, the game of the warped players, the watching game was held. In delta players and selva players’ game, delta players who took the game without missing the opponent’s small mistake got victory calmly picking up the winner even in the subsequent chain’s reward. In addition, Kumamoshomu and Wataru players also won the Kumamosho players who did not lose even with the large chain reaction while moderately performing the attack in the “short chain” that wrested in the last competition.

Next, the game of Kuroro vs. oka of the 5th game, the flying competitor of the 6th game versus the live player of the live game was held. From the early stage, the competitor took a live athlete with a beautiful stacking method which is easy to imitate even a beginner who is said to be “staircase stacking”, and won without winning one set. In addition, Kuroro players of speed competition and Okayama prefecture and midfield specialized oka players were battle-friendly battles, but at the end the Kuroro player, who is superior to the earth power, won. In the seventh match, a match between Pepe Peman and fron player was held. Pepe Pepeman’s 2nd chain double was decided as a haste and it got a fierce battle with a preliminary set of one set and a response to all mashing attacks, but at the end the Pepe Pepeman player who gained momentum won the victory.

Subsequently, the first match of the second round was played by Pippihn Athlete and Hoi Yamaha athletes, the second game was played by Za Iro Athlete and meta player at the same time. As Zajiru is attacking with a quick trick, meta players also competed with large chain, etc, and got tangled up to the full set, finally Zakuro Zaku won the victory. Also, Pippiña and Hojima players’ athletes got a victory from the players with an irregular chain activation of Pippiña players. And the third match was a match between McKee and MATTYAN players, the fourth match was played by delta players and Tema players. McKee players and MATTYAN players fought a lot by using various styles Mckey players favorably progressed the game, even if returned a large chain, surely decided the winning chain beyond that. Delta players and Tema players’ game also outperformed delta players victory.
In the 5th game, the players and the bears were players, and in the 6th game kuroro players and greetings players were held. Although the first player was taken, although the first player was taken, Kuroro players were victorious in the game of Kuroro and Meiyete player, with a convulsive attack, winning without taking one set.
The seventh match was played by Amemiya and Touyou and the flywheel, and in the eighth game the game between Pepe Peman and Tom players was held. As for Amemiya and players, the Puyo Puyo Cup that was held the previous day also won the qualifying block with all the victories, such as winning the preliminary contest block, so we attacked by suddenly activating 12 chains, but the competing team also activated the chain well in timing Although the battle against the crossing and intersecting with the erasing etc. continued, the battle against the battlefield continued, but finally the players who triumphantly won the victory. And in the eighth game Tom player won the match between Pepe Peman and Tom player.
In the first quarter-finals game, Pippiña players and Zajirai players games, in the second game Mckey players, delta players games were held. Although it seemed that the players of the game had won the game in the past record of the past, without paying attention to that data, Pi Piya got ahead of the first set and got on the momentum. After that, the player who won the Puyo Puyo Championship won the game again, and the game was tangled until full set fullcount, but eventually it won the ten chains of compensation, Pippianta won the victory. Also in the second game McKee, delta players match, delta players won. In the 3rd game, the match between the Kumamo karate player and the Kuroro player was played, and in the 4th game, the game between Amemiya and Tomo player was held. Tom players and Tom player fought fierce from the beginning, but Tom players advanced to the dominant from the early stage, such as activating 12 chains, and Tom player won the two sets in consecutive matches. Also, the match between the Kumamishoun and Kuroro players was a position to be said to be a legend to each other, the battle for retreat continued, but the last winner of the champion who could not return the chain was defeated here .

As a result of these results, Pippo Athlete, delta player, Kuroro player and Tom player won the best 4.
In the first semi – finals games that took place thereafter, Pippiña and delta played against each other. Delta players who won nine consecutive victories took one set with two consecutive victories, the second set also received a fine chain attack of Pippoi players, extended the number of consecutive victory sets to 13 and triumph. In the second match of the semi-finals, Kuroro and Tom players were played, and each pair came together with a chain of compensation, but Kuroro who continued to chain in timing won.
Based on the above results, the final game was to be fought by the delta player who just acquired the professional license on the day and the veteran player Kuroro player, but before the decisive battle, the holding of the Puyo Puyo Championship February Games was announced In addition, there was also an announcement of the league game “Puyo Puyo ranking finals” in which top seven professional players of the yearly point ranking compete.

And finally the final game between delta players and Kuroro players began. The delta player was asked about the enthusiasm before the start of the game and commented that “I caught two crowns so I came back,” Kuroro said, “Since I have never won a prize in recent years, I was happy, I think I will enjoy playing from here. “After the game was told, the game was played. The game started from the erasing of both sides, the delta player stretched the winning streak to 15 with a lot of chains, the first set was ahead of the first set but in the second set delta players piled up Puyo, Kuroro players finely chained Although it finally stopped the winning streak at last, delta player ‘s rage did not change after that, delta player won the spectacular championship with two sets winning.
In the first accomplishment to win the championship on the day that he became a professional, delta players said, “It was a tough one with a strong enemy but it is too happy to be able to win, it was good to continue” Puyo Puyo “. I will try my best to win two consecutive victories. “I commented. In addition, Hiroyuki Miyazaki Executive Committee chairperson summarized as follows: “The competition will continue next year.” Today, three new professionals were born, delta players won the victory with a momentum, it seemed to be sports, Thank you for your consideration. ” In addition, in the awards ceremony, prize money of 50,000 yen was awarded to 3rd place Pippo ah, Tom player, Kuroro 2nd prize was awarded 150,000 yen. And, to the winning delta player, a carry case was awarded from Outdoor company as an assistant prize, and a prize of 300,000 yen was awarded.
A commemorative photo after the victory was decided.
A commemorative photo after the victory was decided.
The winner delta player.
The winner delta player.
A glowing game continued.
A glowing game continued.

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