“ONE PIECE” Kids & Family Fair held

Shueisha ‘Official Shop of’ Weekly Shonen Jump ” Jump Shop ‘Popular series “ONE PIECE” Kids & Family Fair held! Implemented from Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at the jump shop nationwide
Benelic Co., Ltd. (President: Ikuo Shibata, headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo), at 11 permanent jump shop nationwide stores from December 26, 2018 (Wednesday) to January 6, 2019 ONE PIECE “Kids & Family Fair will be held.
■ Kids & Family Fair Outline
■ Kids & Family Fair Outline
“ONE PIECE” During the Kids & Family Fair period, we have prepared special gifts that you can purchase at the jump shop nationwide including original goods of “ONE PIECE”.
Customers who are under junior high school students (kids) will receive a “special postcard” (10 types in total) that all your family members including “Junior High school students and below customers” can choose your favorite picture.

“ONE PIECE” Kids & Family Fair is held from December 26, 2018 (Wednesday), January 6, 2019 (Sun), including the year-end and New Year holidays, perfect for winter vacation with family members It is an occasion.
● National Jump Shop List (http://www.benelic.com/service/jump.php)

【Purchase benefits】
■ Special Luffy can badge
■ Special Luffy can badge
【Customers who are under junior high school students (kids)】
During the term, “ONE PIECE” original goods (excluding game machines · gashapons · photo prints) Including tax of 500 yen or more Including “Just a special Luffy can badge” for customers under junior high school students!
※ As there are limited numbers, we will limit it to 1 account per account.
※ Even during the period “Special Luffy Can Badge” will end as soon as it is gone.
■ Special postcard (10 types in total)
■ Special postcard (10 types in total)
【All Family customers including junior high school students and below】
Including “ONE PIECE” original goods (excluding game machines, gashapons, photo prints) during the term, you can choose your favorite pattern for all family members who purchase over 1,000 yen including those under junior high school students “Special post Card “(10 kinds in total) gifts!
※ 1 Family is only once a day. Please refrain from rearranging.
※ It will be distributed to those who come to the register at the time of accounting.
* Even during the period, it will end as soon as “Special postcard” disappears.

Ocean adventure romance surrounding “One Tsubasa’s great treasure (One piece)”. A boy named Monkey · D · Luffy who has a special ability to eat “rubber rubber fruit” and have a special ability to stretch like a rubber collects fellows and forms a “wheat straw one”, a story aiming at the pirate king.
The author is Eiichiro Oda. “Weekly Shonen Jump” started serializing from No. 34 of 1997, celebrating the 20th anniversary in 2017.
The first edition of 3,000,000 copies of Comics Vol.57, released in 2010, records the first-edition number of copies published in the history of Japanese publication, 67 volumes released in 12 years will be published in 4.05 million copies of the first edition to update their own records.
The cumulative number of issued circles in the world is 440 million or more (The total number of issued circles in Japan of 91 volumes already published is over 370 million, overseas it is distributed in more than 42 countries and regions, Over 70 million copies.) It is certified as the Guinness World Record (R) as the comic series (as of the end of December 2014) by a single author most frequently issued. Since 1999, TV animation is being broadcast on Fuji TV series. A project of live-action dramaization in Hollywood started.
* Guinness World Record (R) is a registered trademark of Guinness World Records Limited.

■ Jump Shop Original Character Janta
■ Jump Shop Original Character Janta

Official shop of Shueisha.
We will communicate with customers through works, products and events.
Akira Toriyama design jump shop Official Twitter told by the original character “Janta” is here!

Today also being active in 11 stores nationwide!

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