Opened “Miyakojima Tours”, an activity · tour reservation site specializing in Okinawa · Miyakojima!

The 5th site nationwide is the topic Okinawa Prefecture · Miyakojima area which is also the topic in opening LCC to Shimochijima Airport
ShumaKe Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Miya) is a site for information and reservation of information on local activities specialized in Okinawa Prefecture · Miyakojima area (Miyakojima, Irabujima) “Miyakojima Tours” (https: / opened on December 14, 2018.

ShumMaKe Co., Ltd., which operates “Iriomote Island Tours” ( and “Ishigakijima Tours” ( in the Okinawa Yaeyama area, has four offices in the Okinawa area “Miyakojima Tours” ( is in the Okinawa prefecture · Miyakojima area, which is excited by LCC’s flight to Shimochijima Airport next spring as the website of the 5th place in the whole country, We have opened.

Features of Miyakojima Tours

1. You can see dense activity information on the local origin
Like Miyakojima Tours “Iriomote Island Tours” “Ishigakijima Tours”, unlike a general travel and activity reservation site that provides activity information nationwide, it is a site dedicated to disseminating activities and related information in the Miyakojima area. We listen to the story of the tour guide on our site and send out the characteristics of the activities and plans collected around the neighborhood, so you can see more dense and detailed information.

2. Information other than activities can be obtained
In the case of the existing activity reservation service, only the information on the tour / activity is posted in most cases, but in Miyakojima Tours, not only the activity information but also the eating and drinking establishment and the like, the concept of “all traveling to Miyakojima is understood” We will also provide information on hotels and sightseeing spots.

About ShumMaKe Co., Ltd.

ShumMaKe Co., Ltd. is a company aiming for local empowerment through the management of activity reservation site, tour and local consulting consulting.
Just like “Miyakojima Tours” and already operated “Iriomote Island Tours” “Ishigakijima Tours”, we manage the activity reservation site of each area by ourselves and at the same time, organize activity specialized type activities / information dissemination site We aim to jointly develop with local companies.

【About ShumMaKe Corporation】
Company name: ShumMaKe Co., Ltd. (Shan Make)
Address: 1 – chome Sangenjaya 1 – chome Setagaya – ku, Tokyo 154-0024 Tokyo, Japan Elephant Building 5 A
Representative: Shingo Miya Representative Director
Business description: Internet service industry

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ShumaKe Co., Ltd. responsible: Kondo

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