If two people don walls … the walls of two people may be gone. Diagnosis of compatibility with mutual wall doning! BOX type experience device “If if you release” wall

“If the wall.” It is a dream youth experience device where messages can be exchanged if mutual wall doning and mutual feelings increase.
Pyramid Film Quadra Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) develops a BOX type experience device “If you can wall” that can measure the heightened feelings of each other by “mutual wall doning”. We will exhibit at ‘Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2018’ (December 15 – 16, 2018) to be held in Akihabara according to the release of contents.

Pyramid Film Quadra Co., Ltd. (http://pfq.co.jp/) is a BOX type experience device that can measure the heightened feelings of each other by “mutual wall doning” “If two people don walls … The walls of two people may be gone. “In short, I made” a wall “(https://pfq.jp/works/moshikabe/) By” mutual wall don “performed inside the cabinet , It is an experience device of the mechanism that the pre-input message can be exchanged by sensing the pulse rate, perspiration, temperature of the palm, how much it pounds, and the mutual excitement exceeds a certain value.


■ The flow of the “wall” experience where the compatibility of two people is diagnosed with wall don for several tens of seconds
It is possible to enter a BOX type device by two people and to perform compatibility diagnosis by wall doning each other. It is possible to enjoy content with a simple flow not involving complicated operations such as installing special sensors.

【Experience Flow】
1. Fill in the message freely from the monitor attached to the door on the side of the chassis.
2. Go into the enclosure and do mutual wall doning.
3. Measure the pulse, sweat and temperature of the palm of the hand with a sensor attached to the wall for 20 seconds. The experience of the experiencing person is reflected and visualized in real time by the lighting of the LED attached to the case.
4. If the rising feelings of each other shows a numerical value more than a certain value, it is regarded as both thoughts, and the message that was input at the beginning can be exchanged.


■ The distance between the two persons rapidly approaches! The secret of the BOX type device that fosters pounding up to the maximum
The interior of the case of the telephone box size is completely sealed, and psychologically satisfies the condition to produce the two nymphs “dark” x “narrow” x “close”. Of course not only couples and friends but also two of you who meet for the first time are surely going to be “Doki (heart)” without mistake.


■ “Where to Use” Places to Use and Events for Showing
In both thoughts, depending on the message you entered for the first time, you can exchange contacts, invite you to date, and various ways you can use it. We hypothesize that we regularly carry out experiential sessions and participate in exhibitions with the aim of permanently introducing corporate promotion and hiring events as attracting devices and amusement facilities. As the first step will be held at Akihabara UDX (4-14-1 Sotokanda 4-14-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on Saturday, December 15th – Sunday, Sunday, January 2018 We will exhibit at “Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2018”. Please enjoy “the wall” at the venue by all means.

【Company Profile】
Pyramid Film Co., Ltd. Quadra Corporation is a company that takes ideas that can be applied to a wide range of fields utilizing technologies that evolve everyday.
One-stop correspondence from planning to development. Beyond the barriers of industries, we will repeat trial and error while closely talking with inside and outside of the company to create experiences and surprises that have never been seen before.

【company name】
Pyramid Film Quadra Corporation
Establishment: February 2007
Representative Director: Aki Nakashima
Capital: 30 million yen
Business description: Planning and development of advertisement production centering on interactive web advertisement
URL: http://pfq.co.jp/

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