New game content for “Gundam Fan Club”! “Dusky Gundam Tanto sumo” service started!

BANDAI NAMCO LITES Marketing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BANDAI NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaaki Taguchi) (Address: Fumiya Takeno, President and CEO, Tokyo; President: Tokyo Bandai Namco Rights Marketing) The Gundam Fun Club (GUNDAM FAN CLUB), a flat-rate service run by the company, launched the service of the “Dusky Gundam Tonshin Sumo” game content that can be played for free newly.

■ What is ‘Damn GUNDAM Ton Tabi Sumo’?

It is an entertainment sumo game where you rearrange the parts of SD Gundam that are divided into five, “head” “torso” “right arm” “left arm” “leg”, to create a unique wrestler with your only unique wrestler. Efforts are easy with the screen tap operation, so the game will be decided, so you can play easily anytime anywhere.

Anyone can play free of charge if you download “Gundam Tanning Sumo” for Gundam Fan Club app, but if you register for Gundam Fan Club Paid Member of 600 yen per month, you will receive a login bonus at “Dusky Gundam Tanto sumo” When strengthening or winning efforts, it is possible to post highlight video of the initiative as “Best Bout”.

· 3,000 gold
· Gashatikake × 10 sheets
· Exia (head · right arm, left arm, torso, feet) ☆ 3

Easy battle just to “tactile” the screen. You win if you push out or defeat the opponent from the ring.

By winning the effort, the rank will rise. However, since it is only Ozeki that meets promotion requirements at the Yokozuna Council held regularly, it is possible to become the Yokozuna, so let’s first win the effort and aim at Ozeki!

Each part has a status of stability, extrusion, resistance, mobility, and there is also a reality, so strengthen the part and raise the level to make your own strongest wrestler.

◆ Game Title: Dusky Gundam Tonson Sumo
◆ Category: Entertainment
◆ Price: basic free (in-game item charge system)
◆ Distribution Platform: App Store, Google Play (within Gundam Fan Club app that you can download at both stores)

Download “Gundam Fan Club” application (iOS / Android)


Gundam official fan club application

Gundam’s first official fan club. With a monthly fee of 600 yen (including tax), you can unlimited anytime from the latest TV series work to the past TV series work, the theater version / OVA work, the first fan club original work! We offer event-limited events for fan clubs, distribution of original contents (e-books, previous Gundam film collections, etc.), advance ticket sale of various Gundam related events and other fans’ communication places.

【Application Overview】

Application name: Gundam Fan Club (GUNDAM FAN CLUB)
Teaser site:
Download location: App Store (iOS) Google Play (Android)
Please search with “Gundam Fan Club”.
Price: ¥ 600 per month (tax included) * Free 7 days from joining trial free

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