Ugasaka Sumire’s latest photo book is released on December 19th birthday!

The latest photo book of popular voice actor and Sumire Uesaka is released on December 19th birthday!
Seven patterns of shooting costumes, which one do you like?
Samire ‘s photo book “Kamisaka Sumire Photo Book Snipe Flashback” that has appeared in popular animations such as TV animation “Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, “Fleet Skirt – Ship this -“, ​​”Poptip” (Heart) My Life “will be released on her own birthday.

“Telling Ujisaka Sumire’s comrades ♥” under the magazine “Voice Actor Grand Prix” is a book for the first time in 3 years. The theme of the series is “Chinatown”, “Sake”, “Sangokushi”, “Hedgehog”, “Kamakura” and many other things like Mr. Uesaka!

Taking a picture is “Sumire Walking” with Osaka – san ‘s local ocean in Kanagawa Prefecture and Enoshima. Also, in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the artist debut, I shoot 3 costumes worn in live events and events. In addition to drinking 10 types of vodka wearing the military uniform of the Soviet Union, such as Kamisaka-san’s plan is packed. In case
Another picture of a large volume such as 4 pictures drawn down and photographs taken by Mr. Kamisaka with comments, long interview. Beneficiary photos are attached to each specialty shop in order of arrival, so please purchase as soon as possible!

Homewife ‘s Friend Infos Online Shop (https://st – –






Seven nets

※ Bonus with sale will be closed as soon as stock of benefits disappears. Please understand that it may be out of stock.
※ There is a shop / shop that is handled by each corporation, and the presence or absence of handling in the net shop also differs. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact each corporation for availability and mail order correspondence.
※ Benefits Bromide designs should be checked at the official website of the voice actor Grand Prix (, or at each corporate HP / store.
※ Benefits Bromide is L size. The bromide of the housewife’s friend InfoS Online shop is 2L size.

■ Product overview
· Book titled “Urasaka Sumire Photo Book Snipe’s Flashback (Heart) My Life”
· Release date: December 19
· List price: main unit 3,680 yen + tax
· Specification: B5 size all color 128 pages
· Issued: Friend info of housewife
· Release: housewife’s friend
※ You can purchase at bookstore nationwide, online bookstore, housewife friend InfoS online shop (

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