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It is a local subsidiary of the United States jointly owned by Shogakkan, Shueisha, Shogakkan Shueisha Productions in Japan, and is engaged in a wide range of Japanese manga and animation business.

Not only in the United States, digital comic magazine ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ is now being distributed in all seven countries including Canada and the United Kingdom.

“Weekly Shonen Jump” is the English version of “Weekly Shonen Jump” in Japan, and has published popular works such as “One Piece”. In 2002 I started as a paper magazine “Shonen Jump”, but in January 2012 I went to digital version as “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Many works are now being delivered in English version almost simultaneously with the magazine serialization in Japan.

On August 31, 2015, it is also delivered with US version Amazon.

This article is information before 2016.