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Headline 2018.12.19 daytime publication

Tech Feed Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
1. Tech Feed Co., Ltd., which manages TechFeed information platform for IT engineers, Third-party Allotment Capital Increase by 100 million yen
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New Social System Research Institute, Inc. 2018-12-19
2. “Digital Transformation Strategy” entitled Mr. Kokura, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Rikkyo University Business School Professor Mr. Tanaka held a seminar at the SSK seminar room on Friday, February 1, 2019!
New Social System Research Institute, Inc. 2018-12-19
3. Seminar by the Cabinet Office / Sumitomo Chemical / Japan Energy Economics Institute is held at the Kioi Forum on February 1, 2019 (Fri.), entitled “Supply Chain of CO2-Free Ammonia”!
4. Encountering celebrities around the world, EXELCO DIAMOND IDEAL ROUND BRILLIANT CUT 100th ANNIVERSARY FAIR held with overwhelming glow
5. Notice of the completion of the sale of Beolot Co., Ltd. “Apartment for rent for rental apartment Nishi Oi Shinagawa ku”
WBF Holdings Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
6. Kids’ dance show & interest artist music live music held by young people with X’mas of Sekishima Umikajitaras held
Public Interest Foundation Animal Culture Fund 2018 – 12 – 19
7. Amami Oshima World Heritage “Calculation method of estimated number of Noraneko is wrong” Admission of the council chairperson
Dreams Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
8. Let’s give an angel to an important person ♪ “Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag” released
AbemaTV Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
9. Speed ​​Wagon Luxury guests celebrating the last Christmas of Ozawa will be decided! “Speed ​​Wagon Ozawa only from 19 o’clock to 21 o’clock is said to be cool” Night powered by Yu-Pack ”
Rosette Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
10. From the mail order limited “rosette skin beauty system”, ingredients that support beautiful from the body and beauty health food “Placenta Tsubu” sticking to ease of drinking are new!
Teichiku Entertainment Inc. 2018-12-19
11. After resuming antenna activity, the second digital single release & MV release
Potomac Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
12. “PEANUTS DINER Yokohama” 1st anniversary commemoration! Snoopy cake exhibited for a limited time! The inside of the store also has Christmas decoration.
REGAIN GROUP 2018-12-19
13. REGAIN GROUP acts as the organizer, the business practical community “SibaZiba” participates in the IT conference “IVS 2018 Winter Kanazawa” as a gold sponsor
Sinfonia Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
14. 【Kobe departure】 loosening & stretching “Unlimited” fixed price menu is 9,980 yen ~ birth! Well-being and stress care as well!
ORIX Corporation 2018-12-19
15. 【Kyoto Aquarium】 Observation on the growth process of Ikura for a limited time Special exhibition “Raising! Mura chan” is held
Global Style Japan Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
16. 【Starting over 800% early】 Shoot on your shoes! Shoes deodorant powder “Coffee Flemish Kno” is boiling in cloud funding!
DISCOVER Corporation 2018-12-19
17. Glass coating agent “LIQUID_hack” to strongly protect liquid crystal screen by leaving it painted Available for sale at the movie shopping site “DISCOVER”
Adastoria Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
18. Commemorating the 5.5 million Adastoria [.st] membership breakthrough! Started December 20 (Thursday) “Campaign to give 1 billion points” implemented
Space Shower Network Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
19. Broadcast special edition of KANA-BOON’s popular crown program “Mogomogi KANA-BOON” special edition on 12/21 (Friday)! Holding a year-end party to look back on the year 2018 of the 5th anniversary major debut!
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Department Store 2018-12-19
20. You will be in time for the festival! 20 brands all 25 species! 8 rush runners chopped osechi
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Department Store 2018-12-19
21. 2019 “Year of the year” To the handmade items of the New Year! Selection of eight zodiac / pickled spring souvenirs
Structural Planning Research Institute, Inc. 2018-12-19
22. Announcement concerning investment in NavVis Germany
Active & Company, Inc. 2018-12-19
23. 【Introductory case introduction】 Sojitz Auto Group Osaka Co., Ltd. adopts Sireko for personnel management system
Porsche Japan Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
24. The only unique sports car coloring with every experience of every moment of life, the birth of a new type of maca
GVIDO MUSIC Corporation 2018-12-19
25. GVIDO MUSIC announces the start of installment support for electronic musical score terminal “GVIDO”
Honeycomb Laboratory Inc. 2018-12-19
26. Honeycomb Lab and SEGA SAMMY group developed new HoloLens solution to guide visitors about new office concepts
Earbuban Co., Ltd. 2018-12-19
27. “Kantoku” & “Mishima Kuroune” God Economist Interview
28. Waterproof Wireless Earphone Appears from FREETEL
29. Released TV Anime 1st and 2nd All Stories, First Blu-ray Boxed “Horizon on the Horizon Blu-ray Box Special Edition” released on December 21
KIYO Learning Corporation 2018-12-19
30. Online qualification course “commuter lecture” changed to “STUDYing (studying)”