“Otogi no Shichi-CHRONICLE-” Jacket of Otokuro 2nd single and contents recorded

“Otogi no Shichi ~ CHRONICLE ~” Otokuro 2nd edition single jacket & recorded contents released

The details of the second single to be released on Wednesday, May 29 have become clear from the character content “Otogi no ~-CHRONICLE-” presented by San-X x Nippon Columbia.

Otogi’s score (Ohagi no Uta) is a unique character with the motif of “ fairy tale ” that everyone knows and “ music The story of the world that “we weave”. San-X and Nippon Columbia are producing popular characters such as Rilakkuma and Sumikkogurashi Teamed up and started in 2017. Developing a story where characters called Udaibito repeat the battle (live battle) to fulfill their respective wishes. Character goods and the first single have just been released in March.

The second single to be released on May 29 (Wednesday) will be a unit “ Bremüsik (Bremzik)” with the motif of “ Bremen Music Corps ” Two sets of colorless sky and crawling yarn with units based on the motif of cotton yarn . “Bremüsik” is Katze (CV: Amagasaki Kohei ), Vogel (CV: Nogami Sho ), Azel (CV: Kashima Sakai ) A unit consisting of 4 people, Yakuthunto (CV: Watanabe Kei ). “Colorless sky and silk thread” are: Nono (CV: Hashimoto Ryotaro ), Kang (CV: Sawashiro Chiharu ), Kumou (CV: Seiichiro Yamashita (strong) ) The three-person unit, each with a draw-down jacket photo released today.

In addition to the lead tracks “ Blinzen Parade ” and “ Staring at the Falling Lotus Petal Rings ” on YouTube, each single is newly written down. Includes two coupling songs and two original dramas. In addition, for the drama track of “Bremüsik”, “ Momotroop (Momoto Loop)” means “Momoce (CV: Sogo Nakamura )”, “a colorless sky and a string of yarn” The guest’s drama track “DV” (CV: Fukamachi Toshinari ) from “ BLASSKAIZ (Blaskyes)”.

In addition, Animate “Otokuro” support shop all over the country, the announcement of Golden Week Fair will be announced from April 27 (Saturday) and buyers of CDs and character goods Special postcards will be presented for Don’t miss the store-specific benefits for single CD buyers, so be sure to check out the official site for fans.


Released May 29, 2019
“Otogi Notation-CHRONICLE-Blinzen Parade”
COCC-17593 ¥ 1,852 plus tax

M1.Bremüsik DRAMA TRACK 01
Cast: Katze (CV: Ryohei Amasaki), Azel (CV: Sho Nogami), Vogel (CV: Ryo Kasama), Yakuthunto (CV: Ryo Watanabe)

M2. Blinzen Parade
Song: Katze (CV: Ryohei Amasaki)
Lyrics: Mitsu (TRYTONELABO) composition / arrangement: Ken Ikeda (TRYTONELABO)

M3.Bremüsik DRAMA TRACK 02
Cast: Katze (CV: Ryohei Amasaki), Azel (CV: Sho Nogami), Vogel (CV: Ryo Kasama), Yakuthunto (CV: Ryo Watanabe), Momose (CV: Sogo Nakamura)

M4.Gutes Fest!
Song: Katze (CV: Ryohei Amasaki)
Lyrics: Mitsu (TRYTONELABO) composition / arrangement: TAKT (TRYTONELABO)

M5. Blinzen Parade (Instrumental)

M6. Gutes Fest! (Instrumental)

Bremüsik “Blinzen Parade” official PV


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