“BLUE GIANT SUPREME” 7th release commemorative “Big comic” special free paper limited distribution!

“BLUE GIANT SUPREME” 7th release commemorative “Big Comic” special free paper limited distribution !!
Series cumulative 5 million copies ago! Large volume 132 pages !!

Though it is a manga, he feels the heat, He is reputed to hear the sound, The youth aiming for the world’s best jazz player is the main character “BLUE GIANT SUPREME” (author ・ Ishizuka Shinichi, big comic serial). In commemoration that the comics 7th book which the story advances strongly on 2/28 (Thursday), Today from March 1 (Fri), in about 200 places in the whole country, Read specially filled with specially made Limited distribution of free papers.

The contents are mainly episodes 1 to 5, and the ones at the time of magazine publication are posted almost as they are. One of the points that this work has been evaluated, I was able to enjoy the overwhelming amount of heat and sound pressure in a large size.

The distribution locations are as follows: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Aichi, Gifu, Osaka, Kyoto, and 91 stations, as well as about 200 locations across the country including 80 Tower Records and 4 HMV stores.

【Free paper distribution period】 3/1 (Fri)-3/31 (Sun)

※ Station rack will be replenished every Monday and Thursday from 3/4 (Mon) to 3/25 (Mon).
※ Tower Records and HMV will end as soon as they are out of stock.

[Distribution place, station]

■ JR East · Tokyo (30 stations ※ in order of the Japanese syllabary)
Akabane (in the north exit ticket gate, in the south exit ticket gate), Akihabara (in the center ticket gate / near Tokyo Food Bar), Iidabashi (outside the west exit ticket gate), Ikebukuro (outside the central 1 ticket gate, near the subway Marunouchi Line ticket gate), Ueno (outside the central ticket gate・ Kiosi, Osaki, Ogikubo, Shibata, Kameari, Kanda (south of south entrance ticket · ATM side), Kitasenju (in the north exit ticket entrance), Kichijoji (in west ticket gate), Kinshicho, Koenji, Kokubunji, Komakuji, Shin Akitsu , Shinjuku (in the south-east entrance ticket gate, outside the east exit ticket gate, near the Alps square), Suidobashi, Takada Baba (in the Waseda exit ticket gate, near New Days), Tabata, Tamachi, Tokyo (underground north exit ticket gate, subway east-west line passage entrance) , West Kokubunji, Hamamatsucho, Higashi Koganei, Hirai, Mitaka, Mejiro
■ JR East · Kanagawa Prefecture (10 stations ※ in order of the Japanese syllabary)
Ishikawa-cho, Kamoi, Kawasaki (in the central and south ticket gate and around the toilet), Konandai, Tsujido, Tsurumi, Totsuka, Hashimoto, Fujisawa, Musashimizonoguchi
■ JR East · Chiba Prefecture (8 stations ※ in order of the Japanese syllabary)
Abiko, Ichikawa, Sakai (in the central entry ticket gate and near the baby break room), Shinnashishino, Higashifunabashi, Funabashi (outside the central ticket gate), Matsudo, Minamifunabashi
■ JR East · Saitama Prefecture (1 station)
■ Tokyo Metro
Shinjuku (large rack near basement A1 exit stairs)
■ Nagoya Railway (36 stations)
Nagoya Main Line: Kanayama, Meitetsu Nagoya, Seisei, Sukaguchi, Kofu-gu, Meitetsu Ichinomiya, Shinki Kamogawa, Kashimatsu, Meitetsu Gifu
Kakamigahara Line: Meitetsu Gifu, Shinnaka, Mishimano
Tsushima Line: Kida, Tsushima, Saya
Seto Line: Sakaemachi, Ozone, Kojima, Omori-Kinjo Gakuin-mae, Owari Akira, Misato, Nisato, Ojari Seto
Komaki Line: Kami Iida
Tokoname Line: Oe, Daito Town, Ota River, Owari Yokosuka, Asakura, Shinmaiko, Tokoname
Kawawa Line / Chita Shin Line: Akubi, Sumiyoshicho, Chita Handa, Aoyama, Kawawa, Chita Okuda
■ Kinki Japan Railway (5 stations)
Osaka Namba, Tsuruhashi, Gakuenmae, Osaka Ano No Bridge, Kyoto

※ Please refrain from inquiries to the station and station staff regarding this matter.

[Distribution place, store]

■ All Tower Records stores (80 stores nationwide)
■ HMV (4 stores)

【Comics Information】

Author: Shinichi Ishizuka Fixed price: Body 600 yen + tax Issue: Shogakukan

【Related information】

Released the fictional “Horst Jazz Festival” official goods that appear in the 7th album. Check out the “BLUE GIANT SUPREME” corner in the free paper back cover or Universal Music Store in detail !!
https://store.universal-music.co.jp/feature/blue-giant-supreme /

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