year is right! ! The year has changed! ! From the TV anime “Devilish Blade”, the product “The year is changing !!” goods of Teki appear
Movic Co., Ltd. will release character goods of new products from Animate, Animate Online Shop, Movic Mail Order etc.
During the series “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha), the TV anime “The Edge of the Destruction” based on the very popular manga by Dr. Seiharu Minato. The original manga has been popular as a TV anime since April 2019, with a series of over 5 million copies of popular comical characters and occasional comical characters that are popular among people and demons.

The year is right! ! The year has changed! !
“Teki” that Jiro confronts in the final selection to enlist in the demon squadron. The goods which were captured 47 years ago, and boldly designed the scene which is furious knowing that the year is changed from Meiji to Taisho during that time appeared surely! The year changes from Heisei to Rekazu, “May the year of Teki has changed from May 1, 2019!” T-shirts will be released at Animate, Animate Online Shop, Movic Mail Order in the whole country. In addition, acrylic key chains, mugs lineup. This item is scheduled to be released around June. Currently accepting reservations. Please get it as a commemorative product!

■ Reservations:

The year of
Teiji’s “Year is changing !!” T-shirt Table

The year of
Teiji’s “Year is changing !!” T-shirt Table

The year of
“The year is changing!” T-shirt back

The year of
“The year is changing!” T-shirt back

The year of
“The year is changing !!” mug of Teki

Mug cup design
Mug design

■ New product information (released by: Movic) [Product name] Teki’s “Year is changing !!” T-shirt
【Price】 2,500 yen + tax
[Size] M size for men · Free size for women
[Release date] It will be released around May 1, 2019

[Product name] Teki’s “The Year is Changing !!” Acrylic Key Holder
[Price] 650 yen + tax
[Size] within about 7 x 7 cm
[Release date] will be released around June 2019

[Product name] Teki’s “The Year is Changing !!” Mug
[Price] 1,200 yen + tax
[Size] Diameter about 8 cm × height about 9 cm
[Release date] will be released around June 2019

※The image is an image. It may differ from the actual product.
※ For product release, specifications may be changed, postponed, canceled due to various circumstances. Please note.

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