Announcing the first game-related product of Onitsuka Tiger A collaboration model with the popular fighting game “Streat Fighter” is born

Launched Onitsuka Tiger’s first game-related product Launched collaboration model with popular fighting game “Street Fighter”

Onitsuka Tiger is a sneaker “MEXICO 66 SD” that has collaborated with the fighting game “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition”, which is highly popular not only in Japan but also in the world, on July 27 (Saturday), Onitsuka Tiger stores all over the world ( Limited to 5,000 feet worldwide, except for some stores.

Based on the model “MEXICO 66 SD” which can be regarded as the icon of the Onitsuka Tiger, the color of costume of the character “Chun Li” appearing in the game, Blue and Yellow are dropped into shoes, and all 2 colors are prepared. The entire upper is printed with a graphic of a dragon that is used for the banding of costumes worn by Chun Li, and the heel flap is engraved with the Onitsuka Tiger and Street Fighter logos.

The shoes also include a “card with a product code” that enables you to use Chun Li’s original Onitsuka Tiger costume in the game. By entering this product code, you will be able to select Chun-Li’s costume wearing Onitsuka Tiger’s original costume and the “MEXICO 66 SD” shoes to be released this time. In addition to the Onitsuka Tiger “MEXICO 66 SD”, it is a special model in collaboration with Chun-Li in the game.

Chun-Li to wear Onitsuka Tiger original costume and Onitsuka Tiger “MEXICO 66 SD”

商品 Product Overview

Product Name: MEXICO 66 SD
Product number: 1183A547
Price: Each 18,000 yen + tax
Color: White × Asics Blue, Acid Yellow × Acid Yellow
Size: 22.5-29.0 (in 0.5 cm increments), 30.0, 31.0 cm
Material: Upper / Natural Leather Outer sole / Rubber sole
Country of production: Vietnam

ス ト リ ー ト With Street Fighter
The first game was released in 1987 as a commercial game console, and an innovative competition system called a topic with “Street Fighter II” introduced in 1991 and recorded a big hit. The latest product “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition” was released in 2018, boasting shipments of a total of 42 million series (as of the end of September 2018) worldwide, and now 32 years have passed since its appearance. It has gained popularity.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Official Site:

と What is Onitsuka Tiger

Fashion brand of sports inspired born in Japan. Founded as a sports shoes brand by founder Kizukaro in 1949, this year marks the 70th anniversary. Since its inception, as a pioneer in sports shoes brand, has continued to evolve while actively incorporating innovative ideas and technology. In 2002, it was updated for town use and reborn as a sports inspired contemporary brand. Designed with the coexistence of heritage and modern, we are developing items such as shoes, apparel and bags. It is loved from all over the world as a global brand “Onitsuka Tiger” originated from Japan.

Onitsuka Tiger Official Site:
facebook: @ OnitsukaTigerJapan
twitter: @ot_japan
Instagram: @onitsukatigerjp

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