“Devil May Cry” Series x Super Groupies Collaboration Item Released! Items that have been colored with their weapons and costumes, such as outerwear, watches, body bags, etc.


“Devil May Cry” series x SuperGroupies collaboration item release decision!
Start reservation from Thursday, April 25
Fan must-see items that image “Nero”, “Dante” and “V” appear in SuperGroupies!
The first collaboration between the stylish action game “Devil May Cry” series and SuperGroupies, the latest work “Devil May Cry 5” was released in March 2019!

A total of eight items are lineups that image “Nero”, “Dante” and “V” respectively.

Items such as outerwear, watches, body bags, etc., colored with their weapons and costumes are definitely “SSS”! How do you wear it?

Devil May Cry Model Outerwear
Riders jacket which imaged “Devil May Cry”.

Incorporating coloring like “Devil May Cry”, “Dante” is a design that images the coat worn in the game. The original tag which combines the signboard of the handyman “Devil May Cry” run by “Dante” and part of the front door is also a point.

Because of the standard design, you can use it for a long time without being influenced by the trend, and it has just finished the “SSS” item.

[Size]: M, L, XL

Nero model bag
The body bag which dropped the coloring of the clothes of “Nero”.

The original tag with “Red Queen” and the pull with motif of “Overture” are also cool!

While feeling a compact size, inside pockets, of course, there are also pockets for subdivision on the outside and storage capacity is also excellent.

V model watch
The combination of black belt and gunmetal case is “V”, Multifunction specification watch.
“V” is an image of the studs of the bracelet worn on the left arm, and designed different sizes of studs on the board.

The second hand is an image of a cane that points to a devil, and the tattoo motif of “V” reproduced by etching on the entire board is impressive!

It is an item of the “SSS” rank which shines the design of the gold which imaged the poetry collection which “V” has in the board of black base.

Check out other collaboration items on the SuperGroupies official site!
( https://www.super-groupies.com/ )

※ Specifications and appearance are under production, so there is a possibility of change.

Product Overview
◆ Product name: “Devil May Cry” series collaboration item (all eight)
-Outer 1 type (“Devil May Cry” model)
・ 3 kinds of watches (Nero model / Dante model / V model)
・ 2 bags (Nero model / Dante model)
-Two types of wallet (Nero model / Dante model)
◆ Reservation period: Thursday, April 25, 2019 to Sunday, May 12, 2019
◆ Delivery:
・ Outer / Mid-August-Planned
・ Bag, wallet / late August-scheduled
・ Watch / late September-scheduled
◆ Price:
・ Outer / 30,000 yen + tax
・ Watch / each 17,800 yen + tax
・ Bag / for each 13,800 yen + tax
・ Wallet / for each 11,800 yen + tax
◆ Publisher: Aniware Inc.
◆ Contact: SuperGroupies official site https://www.super-groupies.com/
◆ Contact:
・ SuperGroupies Contact Center / Tel: 03-6434-5525 (11: 00 ~ 17: 00 on weekdays excluding weekends and holidays)
・ SuperGroupies Inquiry Form / https://www.super-groupies.com/site/inquiry

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