The collaboration of “Monster Hunter World: Iceborn” and “ispack” will be on sale.

The collaboration pack of “ispack” and “Monster Hunter World: Iceborn” starts booking at E-Capcom!
E-Capcom event-limited product “ispack Premium Mark II x Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone” reservation start!

The collaboration product of bag brand “ispack (is pack)” and “Monster Hunter World: Ice boner” which was born on the theme of “sucking rucksack”, is decided as Capcom official mail order site “E Capcom” and event product limited edition product! We started reservation on e-Capcom site from Thursday, April 25 today!

This time we are collaborating ispack’s new product “Premium Mark II”. It is a backpack with a design that matches casual fashion, using materials with superior texture such as durable canvas and Italian leather. The front part is sewed with the emblem imprint used in the title logo of “Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone”.

The main compartment, which can hold a laptop up to 12 inches, has enough capacity for daily use. In addition, it is equipped with eight large and small pockets, such as a pocket that can hold a plastic bottle.

The removable chair is made of aluminum, which is used for aircraft materials, so it is extremely lightweight, yet has excellent load resistance of 100 kg and excellent stability and durability. In addition, it is designed so that the aluminum frame of the chair does not interfere when carrying on the back, and realizes the comfortable back without feeling discomfort.

s chair can be removed from the backpack, it can be used separately You
The chairs can be removed from the backpack so they can be used separately.

Of course, it is possible to expand and sit on a chair with a backpack, so it is a highly practical item that is useful for events such as events and festivals, as well as for travel and outdoor activities.

■ reservation from this! ■

【trade name】 ispack Premium Mark II × Monster Hunter World: Ice bone (Khaki / Indigo)
【E-Capcom Reservation Period】 April 25th (Thursday) to June 3rd (Monday) 2019
【E-Capcom scheduled delivery date】 Fall 2019
【Event release date】 Undecided
[Price] for each 24,480 yen + tax
【Bag body size】 Approximately W300mm × H450mm × D220mm
[Frame size (outside size)] approximately W320mm X H480mm
[Bag body weight] Approximately 1.1 kg
[Chair weight] Approximately 0.6 kg
[Capacity] 25 liters
【Distributor】 Capcom Co., Ltd.
[Mail order handling] Capcom official mail order site “E-Capcom”
【Copyright notice】 (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

※ Product image is under production. The actual product may differ slightly.

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