[REIWA KABUTO] A long-established precious metal GINZA TANAKA: Two kinds of pure gold / sterling silver with the original issue motif “Heisei” and “Rekazu”!

Celebrate the special “Junno no Toku” in the new era with the auspicious pure gold / sterling silver era name
A long-established precious metal company founded in 1892, GINZA TANAKA (Tanaka Precious Metals Jewelry Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Chuo-ku Ginza, President and CEO: Kazukazu Tanaka, hereinafter GINZA TANAKA) To commemorate the original issue motif “Pure gold / sterling giraffe Heisei” (tax-included price 6,000,000 yen) and “pure gold / sterling giraffe recon” (tax-included price 6,000,000 yen), from April 2 (Tuesday) GINZA TANAKA Launched at a directly managed store.

“Pure gold · sterling rye sum ※” image

“Pure gold · sterling company Heisei”

“Pure gold / sterling rice bowl Heisei” and “Pure gold / sterling rice bowl eruka” are made using approximately 400 g of sterling gold for each of the “Heisei” and the new era “Riwa” kanji on the placket of the bowl. , It is a rose that was treated to the main body made of sterling. The original issue of the placket was an original design, and two kanji were connected, so I made it with a focus on size balance and thickness. The higher the purity, the more difficult it is to process gold with soft characteristics, and all processes from pure gold character cutting to finishing are performed by skilled craftsmen by hand.

The main body other than plackets uses sterling silver, and precious metal craftsmans assemble it by hand, and expresses the delicacy and strength by giving roughing processing and old beauty (handling) processing depending on the part. In addition, the size that can be worn by children, is the largest size of the lineup of GINZA TANAKA’s collar. We prepare Kabuto for storage of chopsticks, and we can put crest on request. In addition, so that it can be used as a table to decorate the rattan, the silver metal part of the rattan is also treated with sterling silver, and everything from the rattan to the rattan is GINZA TANAKA original specification. The precious metal casket made of pure gold and sterling silver is a gem with high design that makes you feel noble and brave.

His Majesty of the present Emperor was relegated on April 30, 2019, and his Majesty of the New Emperor became the throne on May 1, and the Heisei era will be “Reiwa”. The Zen of the GINZA TANAKA motif is a Zen with a sense of honor worthy of looking back on the 31st year of the turbulent Heisei period, with gratitude, and celebrating the beginning of a new era.

GINZA TANAKA is a precious metal precious metal such as pure gold and silver that has long been established, and has been producing and selling for over 40 years a vase to be displayed as a symbol of the end of the season for children’s healthy growth. I will. We handle a wide range of design related items, such as the standard silver chopsticks that the craftsmanship craftsmanship is famous for, the “Bushio series” using about 40 g of pure gold, and the figurines and foreheads that can be displayed together with the chopsticks. GINZA TANAKA will continue to expand its product lineup so that the beauty of gold crafts and traditional craft techniques can be widely known.

‘ pure gold and pure silver兜 Heisei ”

■ “Pure gold / sterling company Heisei”

Release date: April 2 (Tuesday)
Price including tax: 6,000,000 yen
Material: Pure gold (K24) about 400g
Main body width about 46 × height about 25 cm
※ We remove placket part
* 兜 櫃 (width approximately 55 × depth approximately 43 × height approximately 37 cm)
Sales place: GINZA TANAKA Retail

■ “Pure gold / sterling money order”

Release date: April 2 (Tuesday)
Price including tax: 6,000,000 yen
Material: Pure gold (K24) about 400g
Main body width about 46 × height about 25 cm
※ We remove placket part
* 兜 櫃 (width approximately 55 × depth approximately 43 × height approximately 37 cm)
Sales place: GINZA TANAKA Retail
※ It will be unveiled at Nagoya store on April 17 (Wed).

※ For more information about GINZA TANAKA, see ( https://www.ginzatanaka.co.jp/craft/kabuto/ <"Pure gold / Song Yin Hei Heisei" exhibition schedule>
■ Ginza Main Store: April 2 (Tuesday)-April 13 (Saturday)
General inquiry 03-3561-0491
Opening hours 10: 30-19: 00
Address 1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
※ There is no display of “Pin Gold / Sogin Gin Retsu” at Ginza Main Store.

<"Pure gold / Song Gin Hei Heisei", "Pure gold / Song Gin Gong" exhibition schedule>
■ Nagoya store: April 17 (Wed) to April 21 (Sun)
General inquiry 052-262-0277
Opening hours 10: 00-18: 00
Address 4-1-70 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
■ Fukuoka Nishitetsu Grand Hotel Branch: April 25 (Thu) to May 5 (Sun)
General inquiry 092-712-4145
Opening hours 10: 30-19: 00
Address 2-6-60 Daina, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture Nishitetsu Grand Hotel 1F

■ “Pure gold small size order sum”
It is an auspicious New Gen small size suitable for the machine of the original, with the appearance of rising dragons that provide fortune, good luck, good luck and prosperity.

‘pure gold small size “Registration” ※ Image

Release date: April 1 (Mon)
Price including tax: 180,000 yen
Material: Pure gold (K24) about 20 g
Size: Main body about 2.6 × about 4.3 cm ※ with chopsticks box
Sales place: GINZA TANAKA Retail, online shop
※ Delivery scheduled to start from May 1 (Wednesday)

■ “Silver 1g Calendar Heisei 31st year / Dera sum year”
It is a special calendar that commemorates the precious eras of the two eras, “Heisei”, “Reiwa”, and two eras.
The calendar and frame are also symbols of longevity and prosperity, and are designed with auspicious cranes and turtles.

“Pure gold 1g Calendar Year 2013 · Red Year” ※ Image

Release date: April 1 (Mon)
Price including tax: 15,000 yen
Material: Pure gold (K24) about 1g
Size: Body about 5 × about 8 cm
※ Crystal frame (about 15 × about 20 cm)
Sales location:
GINZA TANAKA Retail Store, Online Shop
※ The frame is colorless and transparent, all designs except the calendar portion will be white.

※ Due to availability of both products, we may receive your time until delivery.

Founded in 1892, GINZA TANAKA (Tanaka Precious Metals Jewelry Co., Ltd.) is a long-established metal store with a history and tradition that brings an even greater brilliance to each and every lifestyle through the provision of high quality jewelry and crafts. is. We use the craftsmanship of high-quality precious metals such as pure gold and platinum to produce and sell jewelry and crafts that are rich in design and high in asset value.
[Directly operated store] Ginza Main Store, Shinjuku Store, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Store, Isetan Tachikawa Store, Isetan Urawa Store, Yokohama Motomachi Store, Sendai Store,
Nagoya store, Nagoya Mitsukoshi store, Shinsaibashi store, Takamatsu Mitsukoshi store, Fukuoka Nishitetsu Grand Hotel store

【About Tanaka Kikinzoku Group】
Since its establishment in 1885 (Meiji 18), the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group has developed a wide range of activities in its business areas centered on precious metals. It boasts top-class handling of precious metals in Japan, and has long been engaged in manufacturing and selling precious metal products for industrial use and precious metal products as jewelry and assets. As a group of specialists involved in precious metals, group companies in and outside Japan cooperate to cooperate in manufacturing, sales and technology to provide products and services. Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry Co., Ltd., as a member of the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group, is responsible for the jewelry sales business. In addition, in order to further promote globalization, in 2016 we received Metalor Technologies International SA as a group company. As a precious metal professional, we will continue to contribute to a rich and affluent lifestyle through our business.

General inquiries about this matter / GINZA TANAKA
TEL: 0120-556-826

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