[REIWA GOODS]Urgent decision new era decision & Rubik’s cube Japan release 39 (Thank you) Anniversary Web limited Rubik’s cube “Congratulation! Rewa Rubik’s cube” release!

Order acceptance until the last day of Heisei, scheduled delivery date in May 2005
Megahouse Co., Ltd. (Bandai Namco Group, President: Hiroshi Kuwahara / Taito-ku, Tokyo) is a new product of the three-dimensional puzzle Rubik’s Cube, which has been in development since 1980 (“Course! We will accept orders for the “Rubik’s Cube” until April 30, 2019 (Tue), the last day of Heisei, and will ship it out sequentially from May 2019, the year of the Reiwa.

expansion image expansion image

Print directly on Rubik’s Cube!
The Showa-born Rubik’s Cube has passed the generation and became a “relax” Rubik’s Cube.

This product is printed on the white surface of the word “Rehwa”, and it is possible to play as well as rotate and enjoy using the supplied pedestal. The yellow faces are lined with five eras of “Meiji”, “Taisho”, “Showa”, “Heisei” and “Rekazu”, and the letters are combined vertically and horizontally. With the gratitude to Japan’s 39th anniversary of Rubik’s Cube’s release and Heisei, we will sell it for 3,900 yen (tax and shipping costs included).

Product Name: Congratulations! Riwa Rubik’s Cube
Set contents: Body … 1 piece, pedestal … 1 piece
Product size: front height about 57mm
Sales route: Until April 30, 2019 (Tuesday)
Order received at Megahouse Toy Market
Scheduled to ship from May 2019
Release date: scheduled for May 2019
Price: 3,900 yen (tax and shipping included)
Megahouse Toy Market https://www.megatreshop.jp/toy/

Standard Rubik’s Cube “Rubik’s Cube ver 2.1”

Rubik’s Cube Series Website https://rubikcube.jp/

(C) 1974 Rubik’s (R) Used under licence Rubiks Brand Ltd. All rights reserved.
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