[REIWA cushions] The cushions of “Heisei & Shin Gengo” will appear at the amusement facilities in the whole country at a crane game from the end of April! Thank you “Heisei” Welcome “Rekazu” The topic of the new Gengen is now a prize!

Not only used as a cushion, but also recommended for shooting items
Frey Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Mitaka, hereinafter referred to as “Flyu”), “Heisei & amp; Shingengo” amusement exclusive prize (hereinafter referred to as “prize”) Will be introduced to the amusement facility of
A cushion printed on the back of “Heisei” according to the turning point of “Heisei” on May 1 (Wednesday), “Heisei” on the back, and the new era “Rekazu” to be enacted on the surface Prepared. The design is based on the image of the announcement of the first issue of the Heisei era, framed in a white wood frame. It can be used not only as a cushion, but also in various applications such as commemorative photography. It is an item that you can fully enjoy the time when Japanese history moves. Detailed information and stores will be available on the official site of FLEW “Chara Square”.

[Character name] “Heisei & amp; Shingen”
[Stores] Amusement facilities across the country (some stores do not have handling)
[Time] Scheduled to be installed sequentially from late April 2019
※ Product will end as soon as it disappears.
[Official site] http://f-ch.jp/00000300/ ※ “Chara Square”

[Product information] Cushion (All 1 type / about 30cm x 40cm)

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