“Harakiri” x “Devil May Cry 5” collaboration accessories released!

“HARAKIRI” × “Devil May Cry 5” collaboration accessories released!
March 26 (Tuesday) 12:00-Reservation start!
Collaboration accessories (all five types) expressing the world view of “Devil May Cry 5” are scheduled to start on March 26 (Tuesday) from 12:00 onwards!
A collaboration between the domestic brand “harakiri” and ‘Devil May Cry 5’ , which has transmitted world-class maid in Japan with silver accessories as a weapon Product release has been decided.
Rings, pendants, earrings, earrings, all five types of deployment.
The accessories that fully incorporate the character and world view in the game, I’m an item with enough impact, with a commitment from manual production to finishing.

'harakiri' × 'Devil May Cry 5'
“Harakiri” × “Devil May Cry 5”

▼ Demon Dante Silver Ring
Figure “Demon the Dante,” drawing out the power of the devil that Dante stayed in. The expression of the genie Dante has been reproduced in detail by the creation of a realistic prototype that truly approaches by the manual work of “HARAKIRI” designer.

The material is domestic “Silver 925” , and as it wears out, the darkened part becomes darker and the shade changes strongly. Deepen with its aging, please enjoy the demonic charm that can not be tasted elsewhere.

※ Ude part of the ring, It has become a size-free specification containing a cut, the size adjustment of about # 1 ~ # 2 is possible by yourself.

・ Material: Silver 925
・ Size: W17mm H29mm
・ Number variation: 15 to 23

Demon (Demon May Cry 5)
Devil Dante (“Devil May Cry 5”)

▼ Rebellion skull Pendant
A pendant with a motif of Dante’s love sword “Rebellion”.
The three-dimensional expression of the hand by the designer of “HARAKIRI” designer thoroughly reproduces the realistic form and the detailed pattern. It is an item that you can fully enjoy two different expressions on the front and back of Rebellion’s rose.

In addition, by using the “tin alloy (silver coating)” as the material of the top part, it is finished in realistic color close to the setting in the game. The chain is made of stainless steel, and combines “metal allergy measures, durability, and sulfide film prevention”.

Please enjoy the pendant as if you just pulled out of the rebellion.

Rebellion (
Rebellion (“Devil May Cry 5”)

・ Material: Top = Tin alloy (Silver coating), Chain = Stainless
・ Size: Top = W11mm H31mm Chain total length = 500mm

Nero Feather Pendant / Piercing / Earring
The main character of this work “Nero” is an accessory designed with a sense of size that is easy to use for both men and women, with the pendant always worn in the game as a motif.
In addition to pendants, earrings and earrings are also released simultaneously.

The top part is made of “tin alloy (silver coating)”. In the center part, the glossiness and color of the pendant gems worn by Nero are expressed with epoxy resin.
In addition, the accessory parts of the pendant and the piercing are made of stainless steel and combine “metal allergy measures, durability, sulfide film prevention”.

Please enjoy Nero and matching accessories that combine design and practicality.

Nero (Devil May Cry 5)
Nero (“Devil May Cry 5”)

[Specification (material / size)] ◆ Top part (pendent, earrings, earrings common)
Material: Tin alloy (Silver coating), Epoxy resin / Size: W16mm H30mm
◆ Chain part
[Pendant] Material: Stainless steel / Size: Overall length of chain = 500 mm
◆ Hook part
[Pierce] Material: Stainless steel / Size: 20 mm
【Earring】 Material: Brass / Size: 20mm

※The image is an image. Specifications are subject to change.

■ Product Overview
◆ Product Name / Price:
1. Genie Dante Silver Ring / 35,000 yen + tax
2. Liberion skull pendant / 12,000 yen + tax
3. Nero Feather Pendant / 9,000 yen + tax
4. Nero Feather Piercing (2 pieces 1 set) / 10,000 yen + tax
5. Nero Feather Earrings (2 pieces per set) / 10,000 yen + tax
◆ Reservation start date: March 26th, 2019 (Tuesday) 12:00-
◆ Delivery date: The end of May, 2019-Scheduled
◆ Publisher: Jurooku Hoi Co., Ltd.
◆ Addressee:
・ Good Smile Company official mail order site https://www.goodsmile.info/
・ Capcom official mail order site “E-Capcom” http://www.e-capcom.com/
・ Harakiri WEB SHOP https://harakiri-store.com/
・ Royal Flash stores and mail order sites https://www.royalflash-jp.com/ etc.
◆ Contact: Juurokuhoei Co., Ltd. / TEL: 03-6262-9553 (except weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 on holidays) / MAIL: info

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