Capcom Cafe × Devil May Cry 5 Cafe collaborative goods are released at once!

Capcom Cafe x Devil May Cry 5 Cafe collaborative goods are released at once!
【Capcom-managed store related information】

During the period of 2019 March 7 (Thursday) to April 24 (Wednesday), with regard to “Devil May Cry 5” collaboration to expand in Aeon Lake Town kaze within Capcom cafe Aeon Lake Town store, original collaboration of Capcom cafe limited We will publish goods at the same time.

Attention is long-awaited perfume series “Nero” “Dante” “V” has appeared. It is a special item wrapped in a stylish package. You can enjoy the fragrance created by imagining them of “Devil May Cry 5”. In “Trading Acrylic Key Holder” and “Can Badge”, in addition to the mini-character of cafe main visual “GALSON ver.” Also developed. You can enjoy the full pattern of mini characters. “Minitisshu” that will come to call if you call it will reproduce “DMC Motor Home” as it appears in the DMC 5 game as it is! It is also recommended for souvenirs. “Red Orb gumi” motif with essential red orbs is a refreshing cola taste.

In addition, many limited edition products using Capcom Cafe collaboration original motif will be expanded.

Name Price
1. Clear file 500 yen + tax
2. Trading Acrylic Key Holder (6 types in total) 800 yen + Tax
3. Cork coaster 800 yen + tax
4. Minitissh ¥ 300 + tax
5. Perfume “Nero” 4,800 yen + tax
6. Perfume “Dante” 4,800 yen + tax
7. Perfume “V” 4,800 yen + tax
8. T-shirt ¥ 3,500 + tax
9. Rock glass ¥ 1,500 + tax
10. MOMO STICK (smart holder) 1,500 yen + tax
11. Red Orb gumi 800 yen + tax
12. ID case 1,800 yen + tax
13. Can badge (It is deployed at a ruckus track) Once 400 yen

Opportunities of item getting at “Amusement facility” and “Kap entrance” too!

With respect to the three products “Trading Acrylic Key Holder”, “Mini Tissue” and “Red Orb Gumi”, from March 7 th (Thursday) after the preceding merchandise sales at Capcom Cafe, starting from March 9 (Sat) We will also deploy it as a prize prize at amusement facilities and “Capcomnet Catcher Cap Remains”. In “Kap Tore” where crane games can be played anytime anywhere 24 hours, it will be expanded from 0 o’clock March 9 (Sat).

※ Product image is an image. Actual products may vary.
※ Release date may be changed.
There is a limited quantity for collaboration products ※.
※ There is a possibility of selling collaborative products at an event, a character cap etc etc at a later date. Please note.
※ Please acknowledge beforehand that the prize earned with “Kap entrance” will take several days to ship.

What is ‘Capcomnet Cat Catcap Cap?’
“Capcomnet catcher cap cap” is a service that real crane games can be enjoyed anywhere, 24 hours a day anytime, from smartphones and personal computers via the Internet, called “online crane game” or “online catcher”. Gained prize will be sent directly to the customer. Original prizes by popular games unique to Capcom are also under development.

■ “Devil May Cry 5” Collabo Holding Summary ■
· Store: Capcom Cafe Aeon Lake Town Store
· Location: Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture 4-2-2 Ion Lake Town kaze 3F
· Business hours: Merchandise 9: 00 ~ 22: 00 Food and beverage 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 (L.O.21: 00)
· Contact: 048-967-5163
· Duration: “Devil May Cry 5” Deployment March 7, 2019 (Thursday) – April 24, 2019 (Wednesday)
· Official website:
· Cafe twitter:
· Cafe Instagram:
· Kapato official website:
· Kap tweet:


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