Limited release of “Inaudible Student Taster” sold out in 1 minute (coaster talk game)

Limited launch of ‘Inaudible Student Taster’ sold out in 1 minute (coaster talk game)
Hobby Base Yellow Submarine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama-shi Saitama-shi, Representative Director: Noboru Tanaka) announces the board game “Rude Student Taster” (Publisher: Yahoo Brewing Co., Ltd.) on March 10, 2019 ) We will release limited quantities.
February 2019 Sunday
Hobby Base Yellow Submarine Co., Ltd.

We will sell ‘Inaudible Student Taster’ sold out in 1 minute (coaster type talk game) at Yellow Submarine stores (excluding hobby specialty shops) and Osaka Game Market (A 19) in limited quantities

Product introduction page:

No classroom What is a star
It is a talk game using a coaster. Regardless of the hierarchical relationship, draw out the surprising one side of the opponent. Yahoo Brewing Co., Ltd., which manufactures craft beer such as “Yoyano Ale” sold out “Inaudible Student Taster” on August 3rd to “World Brewday” for only 30 pieces, it was sold out in just 1 minute. Thereafter, there were many requests for remanufacturing, and only when there were 1,000 or more orders, we solicited purchasers as limited production. Ultimately, 1,437 orders came in, and reproduction was decided in a form far exceeding the remanufacturing target. Yellow submarine dealing with analog games begins selling from March 10th at storefront and events, although it is limited in quantity because of the desire to deliver “inaudible course starter” to as many people as possible.

Background of inattentive course starter

“No pamphlet” meaning “a drink that enjoys enjoying relationships and positions”.
“Inaudible course starter” is a coaster type talk game developed to realize that.
“I wake up in 5 minutes, but I will go to bed again twice.” “I can point out those who have nose hair.”
Carefully selected 30 talk themes unrelated to work, etc.
We can fairly participate in conversation with a simple rule, and create a space where “psychological safety” is kept without hierarchical relationship.
Moreover, while promoting ‘self-disclosure’ with easy-to-talk rules and talk themes, we draw out each other’s values ​​and personality, creating “high-quality chatting” indispensable for team building.

Play Pro ” and development
Toy creator Takahashi Shinpei, who worked on numerous topics and product development, Mr. Chihiro Adachi, Analog Game Master, who conducts in-house training using analog games, was invited as an advisor, and “Inaudible Student Starter” was developed.

【Invalid Course – Star] Product Overview】

Price: 3,215 yen (tax excluded) (reading kana: everyone else breakfast)
Sales method: Store front, event, etc.
Dealers: Yellow Submarine stores (except hobby specialty store) March 16 (Saturday)
And Sunday March 10 (Sun) at the Osaka Game Market Yellow Submarine Booth (A19)

About Hobby Base Yellow Submarine About Co.

As a retail store dealing with analog hobby and analog games, we are expanding the chain from 1985, setting a space (event) to play in major cities across the country. (Expanding 30 bases as of the end of January 2019) With the management philosophy of “Hobby’s world with dreams to young as a child”, the excitement of the hobby / game merchandise material, the excitement and healing power, We aim to deliver to more people

【Company Profile】
Company Name: Hobby Base Yellow Submarine Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-725-3 Nisshincho Kita-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
Representative: Noboru Tanaka
Establishment: 1985
Business description: Analog hobby · Game manufacturing and sales Retailing

【Inquiries from customers】
Product Planning Division Weekday 10 am – 7 pm
TEL: 048-666-0555
e-mail: kikaku

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