[Mega Drive Mini]A number of masterpiece games that colored the beginning of Heisei are vividly revived! “Mega Drive Mini” released on September 19 (Thursday)

SEGA Games, Inc. will hold “Mega Drive Mini” on September 19, 2019, at the event “SEGA Fes 2019,” which was held on March 30 (Sat.) and 31 (Sun.), 2019, at Belsalle Akihabara. We announced that it will be released on Thursday.
“Mega Drive Mini” is a new game machine that reproduces the Sega 5th home video game console “Mega Drive” released in 1988, about 30 years ago, in a palm size.
A small body of 154 mm wide, 39 mm high, and 116 mm deep contains 40 titles of game software. From action and shooting to puzzles, RPG and simulation, you can enjoy a number of masterpiece titles that can be described as “the history of mega drive.”
In addition, we will also release the Mega Drive Mini W, which includes two control pads that are essential for competition and cooperative play.

■ A part of “Mega Drive Mini” recording title is released!
Of the 40 titles included in Mega Drive Mini, 10 titles have been released. The titles will be announced one by one. Please expect by all means.

Title: Release Date: Manufacturer Name
Space Harrier II: October 1988: Sega
Wrestle ball: February 1991: Namco
Renta Hero: September 1991: Sega
Shining Force ~ Heritage of the Gods ~: March 1992: SEGA
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: November 1992: SEGA
Gun Star Heroes: September 1993: Sega
VAMPIRE KILLER (Vampire Killer): March 1994: KONAMI
Puyo Puyo Tong: December 1994: Compilation
Comics zone: September, 1995: SEGA
Magic Story I: March 1996: Compilation

※ The order of release. The release date and manufacturer name are those at the time of the Mega Drive version release.
※ The recorded title is the domestic version.

■ Sega Store limited release of “Mega Drive Mini Control Pad”
The control pad for “Mega Drive Mini” is scheduled to be released on September 19 (Thursday) at SEGA official EC site Sega Store only, and the price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax).

↑ “Mega Drive Mini” package

↑ “Mega Drive Mini W” Package

【 Product Summary 】
Product name :
Mega drive mini
Mega drive mini W
Release date: September 19, 2019 (Thursday) To be released
Mega Drive Mini: 6,980 yen (excluding tax)
Mega Drive Mini W: 8,980 yen (excluding tax)
Number of recorded titles: 40 scheduled
Number of players: 1-2
Body size: Width 154mm × height 39mm × depth 116mm
Bundled Items:
Body … 1
Controller … 1 piece (“2 mega drive mini W”)
High-speed HDMI cable … 1
USB cable (for power supply) … 1
Instruction manual / warranty
Release and sales: SEGA Games
CERO Notation: To be reviewed
Copyright notice:
(C) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
(C) Konami Digital Entertainment
(C) 2019 D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd.
“Maid Monogatari” is a registered trademark of D4 Enterprise.
Official site: https://sega.jp/mdmini/

■ Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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