The legendary revival is PS4 (R). PlayStation (R) 4 “Dragon ga Gotoku 5 Dreams, Ecicles” Reveals the details of “Another Drama” that depicts the lives of the main characters in dramas and mini games

The legendary revival is PS4 (R). PlayStation (R) 4 “Dragon ga Gotoku 5 Yume, Eshi” published the details of “Another drama” that depicts the lives of the protagonists in dramas and mini games
SEGA Games, Inc., released the details of another drama about “Ryuganaga 5 Dream, Moeshi” dedicated PlayStation (R) 4 scheduled for release on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

■ A new element “Another drama” that draws the daily life of the main characters around “new play”
This work that hot human drama develops in the setting of five big cities. With various elements added, this work boasts the largest volume in the series, and introduces one of the new elements of attention, “Another Drama”.
Another drama is a new type of story element that is a close-up of each of the five main characters, Kazuma Kiryu, Tajima Oshima, Haruka Sawamura, and Sadao Shinada from a different perspective than the main story. Unlike ordinary sub-story, it is characterized by progressing the story while working through the mini-game full of individuality prepared for each protagonist. Let’s enjoy the “everyday” of those who are struggling in the unfamiliar environment while overcoming the “battle” that is different from fighting, such as car racing, hunting, entertainment activities and batting confrontation.

● Issei Kiryu “Taxi Driver”
The daily life of Yayoi, who works as a driver at a taxi company, and the battle between dangerous runner group “Devil Killer” are drawn. Having concealed her identity and working as a driver at a taxi company in Fukuoka and Eiji, one day, while carrying passengers on Eiji and driving at high speeds, she made contact with the Devil Killer. Provoked by Devil Killer,
It will be a race battle. The incumbent police officer, who witnessed Yayoi’s running after the race battle, is asked to continue winning the race battle in order to destroy the devil killer. Yayoi was a careful and careful effort not to commit the law but to be inconspicuous, but he would be caught up in a resignation with the Devil Killer ….
In addition to the story, Kiryu’s other dramas have a calm “pick-up mission” where you can talk with customers as a taxi driver, take orders and pick up, order “race battle” and two types of mini games. I can enjoy it.

Although I had hoped for a day when nothing was just going to send and pick up customers, Yayoi would be involved in the battle against dangerous runner group “Devil Killer” before long.

Transportation missions
A variety of customers get on taxis that Yayoi drives. Let’s run around the city to meet your needs while keeping the traffic rules, such as “safe driving,” “as soon as possible,” and “want to follow the previous car.”

Race Battle
The battle against Devil Killer will be a full-scale battle using taxis. Tune each part including tires and try racing on the highway.

● Otoshima Daikawa “Snow Mountain Survival”
The wildest life of the wild develops, hunting wild animals to survive and confronting the nature of whimsical snowy mountains.
You can enjoy the rich story while hunting action that hunts wild animals using hunting guns and moths is developed while running around the snow mountain where the weather changes in real time.

A wild drama worthy of Enoshima, a hero who is wilder than anyone else. Battle against harsh nature,
Then enjoy the dark heart of Okudera that is obsessed with the legendary giant bear “Yamoroshi” and the rich story about the secret that the village has hidden.

Hunting of weak meats
Enoshima challenges wildlife hunting to get food to survive in the harsh snowy mountains. Depending on the other party, you can use a pair of chopsticks.

Drama about “Human Work”
It is a small village where Kashiwajima came to visit. But there was a secret hidden …. Like suspense drama, unexpected development is also waiting! ?

● Haruka Sawamura “Aim Top Idol”
Haruka’s another drama, which is scouted at an entertainment office and aims at idols, enjoys a full-fledged idol training simulation game.
The battle is not a “Kenka Battle” with a fist, but a “Live Battle” in the rhythm game format. It is characterized by nori and game nature that other main characters do not have.

Also look and Nori, the contents of the battle, Another drama of Haruka that draws a line with other heroes who smell male.
People who like idol training games and rhythm games should also be able to enjoy.

Work Mission
The office’s schedule board has a request for work to Haruka. While expanding the ability as an idol by doing handshake events, interviews, television appearances, etc., let’s further expand the range of work with the funds and fans acquired, and lead to greater growth.

Strict practice and special training
Haruka not only lessons and work, but also develops skills as an idol through special training with “masters” who meet in dance battles and idol activities in the city. Of course, in the process, I can enjoy a hot story unique to the idol.

● Akio Shinada “Butting Battle”
In Shinada’s another drama, a former professional baseball player, his work as a batter was depicted. While under the guidance of a junior high school coach, he will play batting with various opponents.
A system and direction different from the familiar Battling Center in Kamimuro-cho, which has been familiar to previous series, is included, and it makes the heart warm with the drama inserted before and after the game.

The youth of the sport, the dream-breaking men burn the spirit again once more, a story like an adult youth movie develops.

Powerful presentation and new system
A variety of opponents have appeared, including former rivals, high school baseball players, and a baseball kid who throws a magic ball. Especially when playing with strong opponents, a flashy heat action effect may be inserted.

Coaches’ teaching and development
In the story, Shinada reunites with coach Igarashi who once taught himself. Let’s prepare for batting confrontation while extending the ability while doing the unusual training of Igarashi such as fishing.

■ What is “Dragon ga Gotoku 5 Dream, Ecstatic”
December 2012. Kazuma Kiryu spent a day as a taxi driver in the corner of Fukuoka’s entertainment district, hiding his identity. All to fulfill the dream of an important human being. On the other hand, the Tojokai, which has fallen into an immediate situation of the Great East-West War. Does a man who was once called the legendary dragon stand up again in the crisis of his old friend?
A spectacular tale of “four men and one girl” whose lives have been largely changed by their dreams, which spans five major cities across the country, begins.

An entertainment work for adults that received favorable reviews on the PlayStation (R) 3 is “Dragon ga Goto 5 Dreams, Ecquisors”. The PS4 (R) version will be released on June 20, 2019 for 3,990 yen (excluding tax). The resolution has been improved from 720p to 1080p, and the frame rate has been improved from 30 fps to 60 fps, compared to the PS3 (R) version, and you can enjoy a higher quality and smooth game experience.
In addition, as a benefit common to the package version and download version, “Dragon ga Gogo 5 Yume, Eshi” original product code of the original soundtrack ”, as a benefit of the package version,“ Ryu is in service on iOS / Android / PC. We will prepare a flyer with “Ryu ga Goto Online” Character Reward Code, which can be used in Goto ONLINE (※ Benefits are valid for any platform of iOS / Android / PC, but benefitsThe code can only be input from the PC version).

PS4 (R) dedicated software “Dragon ga Gotoku 5 Dreams, Ecchan” promotion video >

[Casting] Kuroda Souya, Yamadera Koichi, Kuegiya Rie, Koyama Rikiya, Morikawa Tomoyuki
Sho Ayukawa, Keisuke Daito, Nana Katase, Kei Tokushige, Mitsuru Fukoshi, Yuji Okuda
[Music offer] Gimuro Kyosuke / GOSPELS OF JUDAS
[General supervision] Nao Yue

■ What is the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series
It was born in 2005 under the concept of “entertainment work for adults”. Love, humanity, betrayal … I drew the life of hot men living in a huge entertainment district. It represents a realistic contemporary Japan that the game has never been able to step into, and it has become a series work that has shipped more than 11 million pieces in total.

【 Product Summary 】
Product Name: Dragon 5 Like Dreams
Supported devices: PlayStation (R) 4
Release date: June 20, 2019 (Thursday) To be released
Price: Package version / Download version 3,990 yen (excluding tax)
Genre: Action Adventure
Number of players: 1
Release and sales: SEGA Games
CERO notation: D division (for 17 years old or older)
Copyright notation: (C) SEGA
Official site:
Official Twitter:
※ This work is a remastered version of “Ryuganaga 5 Dreams, Moeshi” released on PlayStation (R) 3 for PlayStation (R) 4 with high resolution and high frame rate. The contents are basically the same as the original version, but there are some specification changes.

■ Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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