[GAME] “Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available! The training mode of death “bloody palace” is finally open!

“Devil May Cry 5” Free Update Available Today! The long-awaited addition mode “bloody palace” can be played. Fight through layers of labyrinths!

“Devil May Cry 5” released from CAPCOM on March 8.
The long-awaited additional play mode “Bloody Palace” starts today from April 1! Free distribution of updates that will allow you to play Bloody Palace has started. Bloody Palace is a battle-specific mode. Nero, Dante, V, choose a player from the three main characters, go on fighting the many layers of labyrinth. It is also a perfect stage to gain a red orb for arm trials.
In the main story, you can only challenge the boss in a specific combination because the characters available for each mission are limited, but in the Bloody Palace there will be battles in various combinations, so the game is fresh and full play It can be done. I want you to fight through the tough battle and take on the final level.
※ “Bloody Palace” will be playable if you clear the main game with either “HUMAN” or “DEVIL HUNTER” difficulty.

■ What is the latest legendary action “Devil May Cry 5”?

A sense of speed to drive, a sense of control that allows you to move as you like, and a story of rising tension. The legendary style
ア ク シ ョ ン Action revives in quality far beyond imagination! The Invasion of the Mighty “Devil” and the three Devils
Hunter. The fate of their intricate intertwining is depicted. A graphic and high-speed game about the real life
Experience the unprecedented feeling of goodness that play produces.

Devil May Cry 5

■ Supported hardware: Xbox One, PlayStation (R) 4, PC
■ Release date: Now on sale (released on Friday, March 8, 2019)
■ Suggested retail price:
Normal version (common to Xbox One, PlayStation (R) 4, PC)
Package version 6,990 yen + tax
Download version 6,480 yen + tax
※ PC version is only available for download

Deluxe Edition (download only)
Xbox One, PlayStation (R) 4: 7,400 yen + tax
PC: 7,436 yen + tax

■ CERO rating: D (for 17 years of age or older)
■ Official Site http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil5/

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