【CAPCOM】 “Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” March 7th (Thursday) From 20: 00 live broadcasting!

“Devil May Cry 5” Release Eve Eve Event “SSS Devil Night” From 7th March (Thu) 20: 00 live! The guest guest is also decided!

The stage of the night event “SSS Devil Night” commemorating the release of “Devil May Cry 5” 【Capcom TV! ] On March 7 th (Thu) live broadcast from 20 o’clock!
From the development team, we also decided the introduction of the latest game information, actual machine play, as a special guest “HYDE” and the voice actor Dante role “Morikawa Tomoyuki” and Nero role “Ishikawa Toshinin” will be on stage!
In addition, “Ruben Langdan” who is responsible for Dante’s English voice actor and motion actor will also be running.
We will send you a lot of special program, so we hope that everyone will join together on the eve of the long-awaited “Devil May Cry 5” launch!

【Program Name】

Capcom TV! The 99th “Devil May Cry 5” Release Event SP

【Broadcast date and time】

Scheduled from 20: 00-21: 20, Thursday, March 7, 2019

【Program content】

· You can listen only in here! What? Development team Talk session & gameplay
· Special guest talk session


■ Capcom TV! Regular team

· MC: Yoshiyuki Hirai (American crayfish)
· Assistant: Ikeda Chocolat
· Commentator: The Tachi

■ “Devil May Cry 5” Development Staff

· Maki Okabe (“Devil May Cry 5” Producer)
· Hideaki Itsu (“Devil May Cry 5” Director)

“Today’s public new information !!”

■ Special guest

· HYDE (Artist)
· Morikawa Tomoyuki (role of Dante: Japanese version voice actor)
· Ishikawa Toshin (Nero role: Japanese version voice actor)
· Ruben · Langdang (role as Dante: English voice actor / motion actor)


▲ Morikawa Tomoyuki
▲ Morikawa Tomoyuki

▲ Ishikawa Michito
Miura Ishikawa

▲ Ruben Langdan
▲ Ruben · Langdan

※ The start of the program will start from 20:00.
※ Celebrities, distribution schedule, broadcast contents may be changed without notice.

【Details of the program from this official website】

& lt; / RTI &
【Viewing movies from this site】

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
“Devil May Cry 5” New TV commercials are released !!
◆◆◆◆◆ “Devil May Cry 5” released on March 8th (Friday). The new TV commercial of this work is released!

HYDE used the original song “MAD QUALIA” (released March 20, single CD) written by himself as the image song of “Devil May Cry 5” in the CM. In the dark and stylish atmosphere, you can see the unique character in the game and the figure of various kinds of demons.
Finally it is nearly ten days to release “Devil May Cry 5”. For those who want to watch this CM, try playing the trial version Xbox One / PS4 “Devil May Cry 5 Demo” first!

– –
■ Devil May Cry 5
■ Compatible Hardware: Xbox One, PlayStation (R) 4, PC
■ Release schedule: Friday, March 8, 2019
■ Suggested retail price:
○ Normal version (Xbox One, PlayStation (R) 4, PC common)
· Packaged version 6,990 yen + tax
· Download version 6,480 yen + tax
※ PC version is sold only for download version
○ Deluxe Edition (download version only)
· Xbox One, PlayStation (R) 4: ¥ 7,400 + tax
· PC: 7,436 yen + tax
■ CERO rating: D (17 years old and over recommended)
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