[Nintendo Switch Game] Update the original new boss and new equipment to the dark fantasy action RPG “Animas” for TROOOZE and Switch!

where you can enjoy the severe battle that holds your hand

【Nintendo Switch Game】 Update the original new boss and new equipment to the dark fantasy action RPG “Animas” for TROOOZE and Switch!
A comma-out, a few centimeters gap, a perfect combo, and a thick dark fantasy action RPG
Animas featured (picked up) at e-Shop in North America updated!
“Animas” means “hostile attitude”.
As the word suggests, it has an overall dark fantasy atmosphere
It is recommended as a game to spend Golden Week fun!
TROOOZE (joint company Torozu), with Nintendo new shop as a switch version original element of dark fantasy action RPG “animas” (Development company TENBIRDS Corp.) which made the fun of action maximize with Nintendo e-Shop We will notify you that we will add the new equipment and update it on April 26 (Fri). download site:

Nintendo Switch e-shop: 960 yen

PV animation:

“Nintendo Switch Animas” is a dark fantasy action game featured (picked up) by e-Shop in North America.
We have added an original new boss “Shadow of the Eastern Knight” with only the switch version with gratitude to Animas’s popularity. In addition, new equipment of “East Knight’s Shadow” can be randomly acquired as a loot by defeating “East Knight’s Shadow”.

In order to defeat the Shadow of the Eastern Knights, the point of cheats is to select a weapon that can be used freely among the seven types of weapons of Destruction and Destruction.

With a dark fantastic graphic relating to beauty, I feel the weight of iron, the smell of blood and rust, and fight for a strange enemy. Enhance your equipment and upgrade skills according to a deep story, and feel the other dimension of catharsis that smash and smash powerful opponents you couldn’t ever defeat.

Basic information
Title: Animas (ANIMUS)
Genre: Dark Fantasy Action RPG
Price: 960 yen
Store URL: https://ec.nintendo.com/JP/en/titles/70010000016277
PV video: https://youtu.be/FRQCV4O8H7I
Official site: http://www.facebook.com/troooze


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