Intuitively easy to understand! Simple Renewal! “Sengoku Taisen Trading Card Game Suo” “First Booster Pack” “Starter Deck” Release Notice Release date: June 28, 2019

SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and COO: Hideki Okamura) has renewed the “Sengoku War Trading Card Game”. As the “Sengoku war trading card game Suzu”, we will release “First Booster Pack” and “Starter Deck” simultaneously.
Intuitively easy to understand, even though it is a simple game, Renewal new elements [Dealing Fury] and, [Defense] cards recorded on the starter deck, etc., so that you can enjoy a deeper battle than ever before became.
【Product Information】
Product Name: “Sengoku War Trading Card Game Twin” First Booster Pack
Release date: June 28, 2019 (Friday) release
Price: 1 pack (8 cards) 300 yen (excluding tax)
“All 84 types + Secret (processing difference) 24 types”
1 box (20 packs included) 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
Genre: Trading card game

Product Name: “Sengoku Taisen Trading Card Game Suso” Starter Deck Sakai / Beni / Sakai
Release date: June 28, 2019 (Friday) release
Price: 1 deck (with 52 cards) 1,300 yen (excluding tax)
Genre: Trading card game

【Product Overview】
◆ 1st booster pack ◆ ◆
A new element that makes a perfect match and a dual, 【疾】 will appear. Don’t go crazy … Enjoy expanding options, expanding strategies. All illustrations are drawn by popular illustrators.
* All 84 types + Secret (processing difference) 24 types.

Oda Nobunaga (illust: lack)

Yukitaka Sanada (illust: Yasuya Hirasaka)

Tokugawa Ieyasu (illust: Seriously)

Sonken (illust: Kazuyuki Yoshizumi)

Cao cao (illust: Kumiko Yumeji)

劉 (illust: 獅子 猿)

◆ Starter Deck ◆
A new element [mystery] card that can be activated only once in one game and allows one shot reversal will appear.
[The mystery] The card has become a starter limited card, each two types of starter deck 蒼, crimson, 翠,
A total of six types are included.

Oda Nobunaga (illust: Lion Monkey)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi (illust: Kotake)

Tokugawa Ieyasu (illust: Makoto Sasaki)

【Purchase Benefits】
This time, you will receive an item code that can be used in the arcade game “Sangokushi great war” as a booster pack and a starter deck purchase bonus.

[Information for experience meeting] From the middle of May at each store, we will hold a precedent experience session where you can experience the rules of the Warring States War Trading Card Game. Customers who participated in the event will receive a special deck for the experience meeting, so please join us. For more details, please visit the Sengoku Wars Trading Card Game Bi-official site listed below.
■ Official site:
■ Official Twitter:

【About the Warring States War TCG】
A battle-type trading card game in which the battle is played mainly on the cards drawn by the warring daimyo who was active on the stage of the warring era and the warlords who supported that supremacy. This work gained popularity in the arcade version “Sengoku War”, and since it was converted to a trading card game in 2016, it has been sold to the 12th edition in Japan and Asia now, and has been played by a wide range of players.
There are two types of this game, “Starter deck” that can be played immediately by beginners and “Booster pack” to be purchased additionally to enhance your own deck. A large number of warlords also appear in newly drawn illustrations.

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