It will blow up again-Arashi PS4 (R) “Shin-Sakura War” released for winter this season is romance to Taisho Sakura!

SEGA Games Co., Ltd., at the event “Segafes 2019” held in Bellsar Akihabara on March 30 (Sat) and 31 (Sun), 2019, the “Sakura Wars” complete new work “New Sakura Wars” in the “Sakura Wars” series Announced that it will be released as PlayStation (R) 4 software. We plan to launch this winter in Japan and Asia, and in the spring of 2020 in North America and Europe.

“Shin-Sakura War” is a dramatic 3D action adventure that depicts the activities of the Empire Hanatsudan, which fights against evil on the setting of the fictional Taisho Era’s imperial capital, Tokyo.
For the main character design, appointed Kubo Taito who is known as the author of the manga “BLEACH” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha). Mr. Tanaka, who has provided many songs in the previous series, works on music. And in the story composition, Mr. Ishii Ilo who has been active beyond the boundaries of game, TV animation, movie and media.

The story begins in Tokyo, the imperial capital 12 years after “Sakura Wars V-Farewell, My Beloved-“.
The “New Empire Flower Squadron”, headed by the main character, Seijuro Kamiyama, collides with the fallout that has once again appeared in the imperial capital, and the flower Squadron that has been born in cities in the world.

The game system is a series of well-known structures that powers up the “Adventure” and “Battle” repeatedly to foster bonds with the heroines.
In the adventure part, you can freely explore the Great Imperial Theater drawn in 3D graphics and the city of Ginza, and enjoy communication with the members of the Imperial Flower Team and various stories. By fostering trust with the heroines, it is possible not only to influence the story but also to advance the battle part in an advantageous manner. Of course, various elements such as anime movies and mini games will make the game exciting.

The domestic release in Japan is scheduled for this winter, so please look forward to the “Shin Sakura War” that Sega delivers with its full power.

■ PS4 “New Sakura War” released this winter!

■ Introducing character introduction

Seijiro Kamiyama (CV: Yohei Azakami)
The main character of “New Sakura War”. 20 years old, captain of “Imperial Flower team, Hanagumi”.
Formerly a navy commander captain, but transferred to the imperial flower squadron, will be appointed as captain of the new “imperial flower squadron and flower set”.

Amamiya Sakura (CV: Sakura Ayane)
“Empire flower team, Hanagumi” member, 17 years old.
A new American member who joined the flower group, who was adored by Shinguuji Sakura, the top star of the old flower group. There is a strong desire for the Imperial Flower Group, which protects the imperial capital, and the Imperial Opera Group, which is the heart of the people of the imperial city, and strongly hopes to reinvent both.

Kazuo Shinonome (CV: Shingo Uchida)
“Empire flower team, Hanagumi” member, 17 years old.
It is a signboard girl of Shinonome Shrine that continues to Teito, Otome. Born in downtown, downtown and festivals, a genuine Edo kid who loves everyone in town. It is usually Gassatsu, but it is a facilitator of the flower set that everyone can rely on.

Mochizuki Azami (CV: Yamamura Hibiki)
“Imperial flower group / Hanagumi” member, 13 years old.
He is a descendant of the Shinobi family of Mochizuki style ninjas, and has a genius talent for martial arts, tactics, handling of weapons, etc. It is nurtured strictly before it comes to conscience, strongly believes in the “108 bonds” transmitted to the village of Shinobu, and cherishes them.

Anastasia Palma (CV: Ayaka Fukuhara)
“Imperial flower group / Hanagumi” member, 19 years old. I am from Greece.
Star who played an active part in the European theater. After crossing a number of theater groups, he transferred to the Imperial Flower Orchestra. He has top-class skills in both singing and acting, and from his looks, he handles a wide range of roles from males to sexy females.

Clarice (CV: Saori Hayami)
“Empire Flower Team, Hanagumi” member, 16 years old. I am from Luxembourg.
An intelligent and pretty literary girl who likes to read books. I learn a lot of things through books every day, and I’m curious. The real name is “Klarissa Snowflake”. A nobleman of Luxembourg, a successor of the magic “Shimamu” using books from the Snowflake family.

■ Game screen

■ For the “New Sakura War” start

Character design was fun at a different job than usual.
I’m looking forward to the wonderful history and the new works of works that have a long-standing fan, what I myself can do.

Main character design: Kubo Taito

“New Sakura War start”
How much would you wait for!

For Sakura Fans, for me too, no more news!

“I can write Sakura’s music again,” I felt heartwarming just thinking.

Without a doubt, “Song” is an important content for Sakura Wars.

I have bet everything in the author’s life, and I’ve been passionate about “Sakura Songs”.

Of course, for this “Sakura Wars New Chapter”, I made a number of songs including the theme song.

I am absolutely convinced that it will directly hit everyone’s hearts and bring in new emotions comparable to past Sakura songs.

Toast to “new start”! !

Music: Tanaka fair

Shall we not participate in the reboot of “Sakura Wars”? I received such an invitation from Sega in 2016. lost. I was troubled. Am I eligible for that? “Sakura Wars” is the first Japan Game Grand Prix work, and it is a title that opened an era as a pioneer. 3 years since then. I stand in the place of this challenge. The reason I decided was that it was the Sega producer of “428” who spoke. “428” challenged the legendary work “town”. And “New Sakura War” will challenge the legendary “Sakura War”. Now the curtain goes up.

Story composition: Ishii Jiro

I am very excited to hear that the work I made over twenty years ago will be a completely new Sakura War with new staff.
With the evolution of technology, the direction of the story and the times are also changing. I hope this challenge will deliver a new “following dream” to you. I am very much looking forward to it.

Original: Hiroi Oji

I am looking forward to the new work of Sakura Wars. The strange story like Sakura Wars is that youth is required as a scenario writing, and I always thought that “Jijii is tight” even in the previous work. This time it is good to be rough cutting, so I expect a youthful scenario with momentum! Even so, for the first time enjoy Sakura Wars with a fan’s eye view! I’m glad!

“Sakura Wars” series (1 to V) composition ・ Script: Takeshi Akamori

Even though I should have forgotten, that phrase will come back to my head in a momentary moment. And memories of those days.
Sakura Wars is one such work for me.
It was also a novel and cross media development.
New Sakura Wars come back after more than 10 years.
I am very happy. It is the first place in the general election.
People who have been waiting and new ones are surely excited, harahara, laugh and cry.
Preparations for the PlayStation are also welcome.
I am ready to cry too.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Director and President of Japan Asia Region Office:
Atsushi Morita

About “Sakura Wars”
“Sakura Wars” is a steam punk work that unfolds on the stage of a fictitious “Taisho era” where steam technology has developed.
The first “Sakura Wars”, released as software for Sega Saturn in September 1996, depicts the activity of the secret organization “Imperial Flower Group”, which was formed to protect the peace of Tokyo. During the day, the “Operating company”, who appears on the stage as the Star of the Great Imperial Theater, a story that plays an active part as a “Sword of firefighting team” fighting with psychic power in emergency, a game system where trust with friends is the power, color the story The TV animation production receives the support of many players. We won the work award at the CESA Grand Prize (currently Japan Game Grand Prize) ’96. In addition, Sega Saturn recorded the largest sales as the original title at that time, and the total number of domestic shipments of related works and series works up to “Sakura Wars V-Farewell, I Love You-” released in July 2005 is 3.8 million It is over.
Expanding the stage of “Teito,” “Eri,” and “Strong” series, “Sakura Wars” series is popular not only for games but for media series such as TV series and theater animation, stage and comics . It has established itself as a popular series, and has continued to spread to various regions and media even now over 20 years after its birth.

【 Product Summary 】
Product Name: New Sakura War
Supported devices: PlayStation (R) 4
Release date: This winter will be released
Price: To be determined
Genre: Dramatic 3D Action Adventure
Number of players: 1
Release and sales: SEGA Games
CERO Notation: To be reviewed
Copyright notation: (C) SEGA
Official site:
Official Twitter:
Main character design: Kubo Taito
Music: Tanaka fair
Story composition: Ishii Jiro
Original: Hiroi Oji
Theme song “檄! Empire Hana Sakudan
Lyrics: Hiroi Oji
Composition: Tadashi Tanaka

■ Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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