In commemoration of the game “Kast Heaven for Ameba”, collaboration cafe is decided to be held at AREA-Q A NNEX!

Drama CD “Kast Heaven 3” 2019 summer release decision! Decision to Senzaki role Furukawa Shin ★ ★ Early reservation campaign also started ♪
In commemoration of the game “Kast Heaven for Ameba”, collaboration cafe is decided to be held at AREA-Q ANNEX!
Libre Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshio Ota) will release the third drama CD of the big hit BL “Kast Heaven” by Chise Ogawa in the summer of 2019. In addition, we will start from early reservation campaign from today according to release.

Drama CD “Karst Heaven 3” new character / Senzaki role decided to Shin Furukawa !!
Campaign & benefits information also ban ★ reservation start!

  • Drama CD “Kast Heaven 3” released in summer 2019!

Original: Chiyo Ogawa
CAST: Satoshi / Satoshi Inoki Senzaki / Shin Furukawa Korino / Yuki Ono Satoshi / Yuma Uchida Hisashi / Takuya Sato Atsumu / Ayumu Murase
Release: summer 2019
Specifications: CD 1 set
Price: 3,000 yen + tax
Publisher: Cue Egg Label
The “good student” breaks up. Senzaki x Samurai Hen
The tag you have chosen determines your rank in the class. This is a secret game only for students that the teacher does not know [cast game]. Karino’s half-brother, Tsuji, who played “The Honor Student”, met an eccentric man Sensaki and turned to “Bad Boy”. In search of the serious love that threw all out, I will fall in the world of only two people ….
The shocking school caste third! Also collected Karin × 梓 Hen!

[Distributor] Libre Co., Ltd.
【Copyright notice】 (C) Chise Ogawa / libre 2019
※ Libre mail order, Animate, Stella Worth handling some bookstores, CD shops and sales

  • Drama CD “Kast Heaven 3” Senzaki The role of Shin Furukawa is decided ★ reservation start! Early booking campaign also started ♪

■ Campaign
<< Animate Early Booking Campaign >>
Presented to all early-reserved customers, Chisei Ogawa’s [Replication sign & commented special bromide]

Animate Early Booking Campaign Bromide
Animate Early Booking Campaign Bromide

«Libre mail order reservation campaign holding»
Chiyo Ogawa & Cast’s [Autographed Signature Paper] Presented by Lottery

■ Store benefits
Libre mail order: Cast talk CD (casts: Yu Suzuki, Shin Furukawa, Yuki Ono, Yuma Uchida)
Animate: Ogawa Chise drawn manga paper
Stella Worth: 2 L Bromide with Character Message

ド ラ マ Drama CD “Caste Heaven” special site is here

  • Collaboration Cafe held!

In commemoration of “Kast Heaven for Ameba” release, collaboration cafe is decided to be held at AREA-Q ANNEX!
In commemoration of game release, collaboration cafe holding decision is decided with AREA-Q ANNEX!

▼ Summary
[Held name] Kachutohein & # x 2665; Ada ~ Suku ~
[Holding date] May 10, 2019-Sunday, May 26, 2019
[Place] Tokyo-Harajuku AREA-Q ANNEX

・ Draw down! “Event key visual”
・ Enrollment privilege that you can always get
・ Event key visual “writing video” screening
・ Collaborated food and drink of “Kast Heaven”
・ Cafe limited original goods

And so on!
The details will be notified at any time at AREA-Q ANNEX official website!

  • “Casting Heaven” game decided! PV released from today !!

Comics “Kast Heaven” (Author: Ogawa Chise) is decided to be a game for smartphones at Tenei Lab!
The delivery on “Ameba” will be released in spring 2019!

■ Game Details
-Game name: Caste Heaven
・ Game genre: Love simulation game (BL)
・ Distribution platform: Ameba game
Delivery schedule: Spring 2019 release (scheduled)
・ Game official HP:
・ Game official twitter:

(C) Chise Ogawa / libre (C) 1080lab

Also, PV is open on game official site from today!
ゲ ー ム The official site of the game is here ( )

  • Original comics

B-boy Comics Deluxe
“Caste Heaven” 1 to 4 ※ The following serial number
Written by: Chiyo Ogawa
Specification: B6
Release: Libre Co., Ltd.
Comics copyright notice: (C) Chise Ogawa / libre

  • Comics Twitter & Web

● BL drama CD cue egg label Twitter

● Chiyo Ogawa Twitter

● Boyboy editorial department Twitter

-Drama CD “Caste Heaven 4” special page

● Comics “Caste Heaven” Special Page

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