May 3rd (Friday, Congratulation) “The Great Vanga Festival x Large Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuma Festival 2019” held report! The fight corner and the main stage are booming ★ May 4 (Saturday) also have tickets for the day!

May 3rd (Friday, celebration) “Great Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuro Fes 2019” held report! The fight corner and the main stage are full of excitement ★ May 4 (Saturday) also has tickets for the day!
Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yoshiken Hashimoto), May 3 (Fri, Friday) Tokyo Big Sight at the Aokai Exhibition Building “Great Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokura Festival 2019 ” We will report that we have held the first day. To everyone in the media, it would be appreciated if you could handle this content in the form of a magazine or web article.

Name of the event: Grand Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuro Fes 2019
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall
Date and time: May 3rd (Fri, 5th), 4th (Sat) 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (final entry: 16:45)
Special page:

Dewa’s first Bushiroad large event. The theme is Enchi.

Many customers came from the morning.

  • The fight area is overcrowded right after opening!

“Card Fight !! Vanguard”, “Future Card Buddy Fight”, “Weiss Schwarz”, “ChaosTCG”, “Love Live! School Idol Collection”, “Victory Spark” fight area. Super huge fight area is full thanks from the beginning of the opening day! The glowing fight was unfolded everywhere!

  • A hungry food corner!

A food corner with a complete lineup from gutsy rice to sweets. When you purchase the original food menu, you will receive a specially designed post card that matches the menu! ※ Number is limited.

  • The Ennichi corner where you can enjoy familiar stalls!

If you try the game you will always get one free gift! You will get even more premium giveaways at the challenge success ☆

  • Each stage event where a luxurious cast has appeared is a great success!

Weiss Schwarz Band League! Trio special match
Three people of Poppin’Party are bandori! I played against you using the deck.

Aimi (Kosumi Toyama)

Otsuka Yoshihide (Hanazono Sue)

Rimi Nishimoto (Rich Ushigamine)

Weiss Schwarz “Girls ☆ Opera Revue Starlight” Mini Stage Day 1
I drew cards full of originality on the theme of “If I was Weiss Schwarz …?”

Oyama 100’s (Aijo Hanakoi), Tomita Maho (Tendo Shinya), Iwata Yousuke (Akizaki Mahiru), Aiba Aina (Saijo Claudine), Ikuta Teru (Sekito Futaba)

Vanguard Special Stage

Tatsuya Sato (Senior Aichi), Sato Takuya (Sakai Toshiki), Abe Satoshi (Sjugagamori Ren), Toru Nara (Ishida Naoki), Tachibana Izumi (Togura Misaki), Ishikawa Shi (Sauki Kamui) Suzuko Mimori (in the role of Colin Tachibana)

Buddy Fight Super Clash! ! Stage Fighter vs Challenger

Takumi Mano (Yunaki Mimon)

Ending live stage

Argonavis (Vo. Masahiro Ito, Gt. Daisuke Hyuga, Ba. Seiji Maeda, Key. Shuta Morishima, Dr. Shohei Hashimoto)

YOFFY (psychic rubber)

Raychell, Otsuka Yoshihide

If you go to “Great Vanga Festival x Big Buddy Festival 2019 + Shirokuro Fes 2019”, let’s put in 【#Large VGBFWS Festival】!

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