Lynn · Yukio Fujii Big hit theater animation “Tatashi your pancreas” talk show report arrival!

Lynn ・ Yukio Fujii Big hit theater animation “I want to eat your pancreas” talk show report arrival!
The movie anime “To eat your pancreas” Blu-ray & amp; DVD, which has been a big hit since September 1, 2018, is now on sale.
In commemoration of the release of Blu-ray & DVD, voice actor Lynn who played the voice of Sakurayoshi Yamauchi and Yukiyo Fujii who played the voice of Tomoko were on the stage today in the Tokyo metropolitan area on April 28 (Sun) The event was held.
Looking back on an audio dubbing a year ago, Lynn said, “If you look at the work you are acting like you think it would be nice to have a character called Sakurara. However, after a few days of after-recording, I remember clearly even after more than a year, ”said Fujii,” I’ve made tears many times during the after-recording. When I read an adolescent line, I played it while overlapping with myself at the time of adolescence, and I felt a little nostalgic. ”

In the event, there was a voice from the audience that “it made me start new things by looking at kimimi and there was a good change in my life”, and Lynn who heard it said “someone started something “I am very happy to be able to boost the important things through the work.”

Lynn and Fujii are both moved and tears are flowing. As a last remark, Fujii “I am very happy to be able to look back on the work together at this place each one of you make various choices today. Lynn said in tears, “One and a half years of being involved with Kimisui, the time for after-recording, the time when I met so many people in stage greetings and events, etc. It is an important memory for me. I ended up with the words, “I’m glad I like the work of eating your pancreas.” The event closed in a warm atmosphere wrapped in tears and a smile.

Keep an eye out for the excitement of the theater animation “Tatoku no Panita” released in the cherry blossom season.

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“Theatrical animation” Tataku your pancreas “-Blu-ray & DVD-” now on sale

Blu-ray [full production limited edition]: 8,800 yen + tax
DVD [Full production limited edition]: 7,800 yen + tax
Blu-ray [normal version]: 4,800 yen + tax DVD [normal version]: 3,800 yen + tax

Complete production limited edition bonus
・ Character design / general director Oku Yuichi drawn down three-way spine box
・ Character design / general director Oku Yuichi drawn down Digi jacket
・ Reduction brochure
・ Special booklet

[Full production limited edition Disc. 1] ・ Main part staff audio commentary
・ Main part cast audio commentary
・ Non-credit opening image

[Full production limited edition Disc. 2] ・ Completion show preview digest video
Starring: Shinichiro Ushijima, Makoto Takasugi, Lynn, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuma Uchida, Eimi Wakui, sumika
・ First day stage greeting digest video
Cast: Shinichiro Ushijima, Makoto Takasugi, Lynn, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuma Uchida, Emi Wakui
・ Special number “Tears all over Japan. The feelings of the challengers who put new feelings and movements” just before the release
Cast: Shinichiro Ushijima, Makoto Takasugi, Lynn, sumika
Navigator: Takami Kazumi (Nogizaka 46), Matsumura Satoshi (Nogizaka 46)

Theatrical animation “To eat your pancreas” work basic information

■ Introduction
she said.
“I want to eat your pancreas”

The late-flowering cherry blossoms are still in bloom, April.
A high school student, “I” who is always reading books alone, without interest in others, picks up one paperback book in the waiting room of the hospital. The book, titled “Komukyou Bunko” in handwritten letters, was a diary secretly spelled by the innocent-class popular person Sakurayoshi Yamauchi.
To “I” who saw the contents of the diary, Sakurara tells him that he has no life expectancy due to pancreatic disease. It was a moment when she was the only one who shared the secret, for her who was hiding her illness except family members and doctors.
Until the last day comes, SakuraYa tries to do what she wants to do and enjoy life as hard as possible, living as usual daily life as possible. She is swayed by her outrageous behavior, and her mind changes little by little.

— That’s the spring memories of “I”. Memories of her lifetime.

■ Cast
“I”: Makoto Takasugi
Yamauchi Sakurayoshi: Lynn
Reiko: Yukio Fujii
Takahiro: Yuma Uchida
Mr. Gum: Fukushima Jun
Mother of “I”: Reiko Tanaka
Father of “I”: Shinichiro Miki
Sakura’s mother: Wakui Eimi

■ Staff
Original: According to Sumino “I would like to eat your pancreas” (Futatabasha)
Original illustration: loundraw
Director / Screenplay: Ushijima Shinichiro
Character design / general director: Yuichi Oka
Art Director: Ogawa Tomoko
Assistant Art Director: Hayato Watanabe
Color design: Horikawa Yusuke
Photography supervision: Hiroshi Saito
Photographer: Mayuko Koike
3DCG supervision: Kishi Konami
Editorial: Yumi Jinguji
Sound director: Hata Sho 2
Sound effect: Noriko Izumo
Music: Yuko Sebu
Animation producer: Atsushi Mita
Animation production: Studio Voln
Distribution: Aniplex
Production: Anime film partners who want to eat your pancreas

Anime Official Site: Official Twitter: @kimisui_anime

Copyright notation: (C) by Sumino / Futabasha (C) I would like to eat your pancreas Anime film partners
※ Please use the above copyright notice when using image materials.

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