“Zomber Land Saga ZK CAFE (Zyuke Cafe)” Open from May 23 (Thu) Limited to Tokyo and Akihabara

“zombie land saga ZK CAFE (Zyuke Cafe)” Open from May 23 (Thursday)
Ani ON STATION, an entertainment facility operated by Bandai Namco Amusement Co., Ltd., is a collaboration cafe with a new-sense zombie anime series “zombie land saga” set in Saga Prefecture “zombie land saga ZK CAFE (Zyike cafe) Opened for a limited time in Akihabara, Tokyo from May 23, 2019.

This café is a collaboration café produced by seven members of the local idol unit “Franchsh”, which appears in “zombie land saga”, with a concept of drinks, food, and images of characters and works. You can enjoy the collaboration dessert with the topic “Driving in Bird”, a specialty bird restaurant in Saga Prefecture, and also sell original goods using illustrations drawn by the official of this cafe limited edition.

In addition, as an in-store program unique to Ani ON STATION, MC is a radio program just like a request corner to introduce the music of “zombie land saga”, a mini game that images one scene of animation, etc. It is a collaboration cafe that you can enjoy.

Furthermore, on Saturday, May 25th, we will invite Mr. Sakura and Mr. Role to the guests and hold a talk event. Please see the event special site for details of the event.

Special event site: https://bandainamco-am.co.jp/cafe_and_bar/anionstation/special/zlszkcafe /

◆ As an entrance bonus A mini character can badge is presented!
As an admission bonus, we will randomly give one can badge (14 types in all) of about 56 mm in diameter on which a mini character illustration is drawn.

«Can Badge Example»

◆ Collaboration & Food
In addition to the seven members of Franschshu, drinks and food inspired by the artworks, and collaboration desserts with the drive specialty bird shop “Drive in Birds”, which appeared in the artworks and became a hot topic, will also appear.

◆ Collaborative Drink ( All 7 Species ) 700 yen each < / strong>
As a novelty, I randomly give a gift from one of the three coasters of the character that became the motif.
(21 kinds of 7 kinds of drinks × 3 kinds of coasters)

1 No. 1 · ordinary cherry milk

2 No. 2 ・ Legendary orange soda

◆ Collaborative Food ( All 5 Species)
As a novelty, we will randomly give one “request ticket (24 types in all)” that can be used at the request corner of this event.

好 き I love you! Sicilian rice bowl 1,100 yen

☆ This menu only, You can choose either a request ticket for the novelty or a special postcard (all 1 type).

ナ イ Nice bird! Kokko-kun parfait ¥ 1,000

ポ ス ト Special Postcard (All 1 Type)

Bird Restaurant “Drive in Birds”
【Official site】
【Official Twitter】

The image and music are integrated in the store The request corner gets excited!
In the “request ticket” where you can get the collaboration food for each order, select one song from the song list such as the theme song / insert song of “zombie land saga” and write it along with a message, and post it in the request box in the store I can do it. MC will introduce the request and message of the music you have received just like a radio program and energize the store.

What is a Request Ticket
For 1 item of collaboration food order, 1 piece is randomly presented. The stub part can be enjoyed as a collection.

リ ク エ ス ト Request ticket example (all 24 types)

◆ Original mini game
You can enjoy an original mini-game that images one scene of the anime “zombie land saga”.
We will give you a free gift according to the result of the game! Details of mini games and prizes will be announced later on the event special site.

◆ Original goods with illustrations drawn by drawing
Ani ON STATION exclusive original goods are sold using drawn illustrations. Details of the original goods will be announced on the event special site.

Z ZK smart card case (all seven types) for each 1,900 yen

Z ZK clear file (all 7 types) 400 yen each

◆ Cast Cast Talk Event
On May 25 (Saturday), Mr. Sakura and Mr. Role will be invited as guests and a talk event will be held. Details such as how to participate and ticket release date will be announced on the special event site.

Animation Zombie Land Saga What is
Original animation works broadcasted from October to December 2018.
The girls who survived as zombies depicted how they played an active role as local idols in order to save Saga Prefecture, and the topic was called as a new sense zombie animation.
We have won numerous awards such as “A net user earnestly selected! Animation General Election 2018 Grand Prix” annual award and “Animation Award for Movie Award (TV anime category)”. A live event was held in Shinagawa, Tokyo in March 2019, and a live concert in Saga Prefecture, which is a holy place, was also decided in July 2019.

“Zomby Land Saga ZK CAFE” Overview
Period : Thursday, May 23, 2019-Sunday, June 23
Business hours : 11: 30-22: 00 (last order 21:30)
Admission fee : 500 yen (with one can badge / 1 order system)
About usage : Free admission ※ 90 minutes when crowded
Stores : Ani ON STATION AKIHABARA Head Office
Location : 3-1-16 Daikado, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Daidoo Limited Building 1F
Event special site https://bandainamco-am.co.jp/cafe_and_bar / anionstation / special / zlszkcafe /
Ani ON STATION official site https://bandainamco-am.co.jp/cafe_and_bar/anionstation /
Ani ON STATION Official Twitter https://twitter.com/namco_anion

(C) Zombie Land Saga Production Committee

※ The information in the news release is as of the announcement date. The contents may be changed without prior notice. Please note.
※ All prices are tax-included.
※The image is an image.

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