[VTuber] Exhibited at XR Entertainment LLP, Content Tokyo 2019 “Video and CG Production Exhibition VTuber Zone”. We int roduce promotion by belonging VTuber such as kiminomiya, 大 ・ EL.  

XR Entertainment LLP, Content Tokyo 2019 Exhibited at “Video and CG Production Exhibition VTuber Zone”. We introduce promotion by belonging VTuber such as kiminomiya, 大 ・ EL.

Chukyo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, President: Nobuo Komatsu) and CTV MID ENJIN (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, President: Hiroshi Nakamura) and Idea Cloud, Inc. (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, “XR Entertainment LLP”, co-funded by Representative Director and President Yoshihiro Tanaka), will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from April 3 (Wed) to 5 (Fri), 2019 “Video and CG production in Tokyo Big Sight We will exhibit at the exhibition “VTuber Zone”.

【Introduction to the contents of the exhibition】

“XR Entertainment” is a business entity that uses Chukyo Television Group’s expertise in broadcasting and entertainment, and the advanced technology used in XR, which is possessed by Idea Cloud, to create unprecedented new entertainment. We will support you in various ways to solve your problems, such as promotion by our partner VTuber such as Kiminomiya and Ohbuchieru, IP utilization of VTuber, digital content development using XR technology! Please consult us at the booth.

□ VTuber content
1. Use of VTuber for Recruitment and Tourism
2. Simple VTuber kit
3. Communication experience with VTuber

□ Industrial XR
1. Disaster prevention VR

VTuber produced at XR Entertainment

■ Kiminomiya / Conkon

It is a beckoning cat that descended to transmit Japanese culture centering on animation to the world, as a bridge between Japanese culture and world culture, and to make the world a big success. While inviting a cat with his left hand, he says “Speaking prosperous!” My partner is a fox fox. Appointed as the first “Aichi Sightseeing Virtual Supporter” to promote the attraction of Aichi Prefecture to the world.

Height 155 cm Weight 45 kg
Three Size B85-W55-H85

【Official site】
【YouTube Official Channel】

■ Lee Ota (Ohutael)

Chukyo TV Broadcasting Announcer belongs to the VTuber announcer.
The game is being distributed as an e-sports official announcer.
Won first place in TikTok sponsored event “vtoker general election”!

Height: 158 cm Weight: 46 kg
Three sizes: B84-W54-H84

【Official site】
【YouTube Official Channel】
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1qSl6q0 ZtG_AnFbrC99kaQ

Summary of the event
Name: Contents Tokyo 2019 The 7th Video and CG Production Exhibition “VTuber Zone”
Period: April 3rd (Wed) to 5th April (Fri), 2019 20:00-18:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1-4 VTuber Zone 7-6
Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 3-chome 11-1
Official site: https://www.content-tokyo.jp/ja-jp.html

XR Entertainment Overview

General control: Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Member: Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / CTV MID ENJIN / Idea Cloud Co., Ltd.
Composition date: October 1, 2018
Capital: 85 million yen
Company location: Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Main office 〒 453-8704 Aichi Prefecture Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi 60-chome, Hiraike-cho No. 60
Main business of XR entertainment
1. VTuber Business
Development and operation of new VTuber, production of XR studio, rental, tie-up with our company owned VTuber.
2. Industrial XR business
Solutions using XR technology for issues in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, construction, real estate and medical care

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