Fate/Grand Order, Concept floor “IKEPRI 25” On Saturday, April 6, 2019 (Saturday), Floor details and sales period of open opening content “Fate / Grand Order” are decided

Concept floor “IKEPRI 25” Floor details and sales period of open opening contents “Fate / Grand Order” are decided on Saturday, April 6, 2019
Sunshine City Prince Hotel 【Sales Period】 Saturday, April 6, Sunday, Sunday, June 6, Saturday, July 209 【Reservation method】 Monday, March 4, 2019 3:00 P.M. Lottery
Sunshine City Prince Hotel (Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 3-1-5, General Manager: Tsuyoshi Okumura) has dedicated concept floor for subculture fans, mainly domestic and international animation and comics, “IKEPRI 25 We will sell “Fate / Grand Order” accommodation plan from April 6 (Sat) to July 6 (Saturday) The reservation method will be started sequentially by month in lottery form by submission from March 4, 2019 (Monday) 3: 00 P.M. (It is not in order of arrival).

● “Fate / Grand Order” Accommodation plan outline
~ Special floor “HOTEL CHALDEA” (Hotel Chaldea) feels the existence of the gods (servants) ~

“Shared space” where fans can gather and be able to immerse in the world view of “Fate / Grand Order”. “Room” surrounded by favorite things. Please enjoy “HOTEL CHALDEA” which created world view by imagining the spirit (servant).

【4 concept rooms (twin rooms / 20 rooms in total)】
We offer room with interior decoration so that each servant can be felt, with 5 rooms (20 rooms in all) on a daily basis. You can enjoy the atmosphere and the world view different from the shared space as a space that you can enjoy only by themselves.

【Concept Room】 Room · Camelot ~ Holiday in · Avalon ~
【Concept Room】 Room · Camelot ~ Holiday in · Avalon ~

【Concept Room】 The Golden God ~ The King's Fun Play ~
[Concept Room] During the Golden Gang ~ The play of the kings ~

【Concept Room】 Sakamoto Tantei Office - Dragon also exists That's it!
[Concept Room] Sakamoto Tantei Office – There is also a dragon san ~

【Concept Room】 Baker Street ~ Dear Side Kick ~
【Concept Room】 Baker Street ~ Dear Side Kick ~

【4 shared spaces】

In accordance with the theme, we produce a space tailored to the images of the servants.
A theater room that you can enjoy around the museums arranged like museum style, related images of Fate / Grand Order, etc., briefing room where you can enjoy communication between guests, music where you can enjoy music, such as exhibits of life-size treasures and concept dresses There is a room.

【Concept Lounge】 Museum
【Concept Lounge】 Museum

【Concept Lounge】 Theater Room
【Concept Lounge】 Theater Room

【Concept Lounge】 Briefing Room
[Concept Lounge] Briefing Room

【Concept Lounge】 Music Room
【Concept Lounge】 Music Room

【Original novelty · Original drink limited to guests】

For each plan, we offer original novelty (5 types) and original drinks (with original coasters) with different contents for each of the 4 concept rooms.
【Sales Period】 Saturday, April 6, Sunday, June 6, 2019 (Saturday) * 92 days
[Sales plan] “Fate / Grand Order” accommodation plan (20 twin rooms in total)
【Charges (one example)】 (Weekday) When using two people, one person 17,000 yen ~ 21,000 yen (day before holiday) When using two people, one person 18,000 yen ~ 22,000 yen
【How to make a reservation】 The plan will be “lottery form” by submission (it is not in order of arrival).
※ How to apply and how to contact the winners after the lottery will be on the concept floor “IKEPRI 25” official website
Details will be posted at https://www.ikepri25.com/ .
[Start date and time of reservation] The acceptance period is set for this plan for each desired month.

«Accommodation period period»

Room for April «April 6 (Sat) – April 30 (Tue / Sunday) stay»
Overnight stay for May «May 1st (Wednesday · holiday) ~ May 31st (Friday)»
For July / July «Accommodation from Saturday, June 1 to Saturday 6»

«Application acceptance period»

April March 4 (Monday) 3: 00 P.M. to 10 days (Sun) 11: 59 until P.M.
April 1 (Mon) for May May 3: 00 P.M. – 7 (Sun) 11: 59 until P.M.
June / July May 1 (Wednesday, congratulation) 3: 00 P.M. – 7 (Tue) 11: 59 until P.M.

※ The price includes one night’s room charge, shared space usage fee, service charge, consumption tax, accommodation tax, original novelty and original drink for one person.

※ The price will vary depending on the size of the room and the date (weekday / holiday the day before), depending on the number of people you use. Details are on the concept floor “IKEPRI 25” official website
please confirm.

※ We will inform you only for the winners successively within one week from the expiration date of the above entry period.
(Example: The winning contact for the stay period of April will be carried out in order by March 17 (Sunday), etc. Depending on the situation such as the total number of entries, the above mentioned date of connection may change , In that case we will post a new date of contact on the official website above)

* There is a possibility to perform ordinary general sale at a later date depending on the number of lottery applications and winning situation etc.

* Original drinks will be prepared at the cafe & dining Chef’s Palette (1F).

Concept Floor “IKEPRI 25”

It consists of 4 “shared spaces” and 20 “concept rooms”, with the keyword “always being surrounded by something you like, dream experience” as a keyword, different from the floor only of the original guest room We have features. Customers of Japan and overseas who prefer Japanese subculture such as animation and manga have become a dedicated floor where you can experience a dreamlike day that you have never experienced before.

«Inquiries from customers regarding this plan»
Sunshine City Prince Hotel Accommodation Booking Phone: 03-5954-2238

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