Real escape game × Animation reversal trial “Popular Yoshimoto entertainer murder case” holding ceremonial book fair held by memorial luxury production team! Kaji Yuki, TRIEN SAITO et al.

Real escape game × Animation reversal trial “popular Yoshimoto entertainer murder case” holding ceremonial book fair held by commemorative luxury production team! Kaji Yuki, Toreen Saito et al. with a recommendation band developed at a nationwide Kumazafu bookstore
Further gifts from purchasers with autographed autographed by lottery!
“SCRAP Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takao Kato)” planning and managing “Real escape game” that enthusiastically attracts participants all over the world “Real escape game” every Saturday evening TV anime broadcasting from 5:30 (excluding some areas ※) “Inversion Trial ~ That” truth “, there is objection! ~ Season 2 “collaboration event” Popular Yoshimoto Geisha murder case “will be held in 20 cities nationwide from February 28 (Thursday).
In celebration of the event, from February 26 (Tuesday) we will develop a memorial fair holding real escape game x animation reverse game trial “popular Yoshimoto entertainer homicide” at Kumakazawa bookstore nationwide (25 stores).

■ Campaign page: cam / 2019 / scrap_gyakutensaiban.html

Real escape game × Animation inversion trial holding commemoration fair
Real escape game × Animation reversal trial holding commemoration fair

At this fair, we will develop books of books at bookstores, with voice specials Ryuichi Narita role voice actor Hiroki Kaji, suspects Trendy Angel Saito Tsushi and other special favorite bands of “Popular Yoshimoto Entertainer Murder Case” production team. Call of “real reverse trial” It is a great chance to catch a glimpse of a glimpse into the head of the high, real escape game x “reverse run trial” series creation team.

In addition, we will present a poster with autographed autographs of all six of the nominees of this fair to three people from among those who are looking for fairable items.

A nationwide tour “Popular Yoshimoto Geisha Murder Case” will be started at the Tokyo Mystery Circus starting from February 28 (Thursday), at which event support fairs will also start at bookshops throughout the country. Together with the fair, please pay attention.

Real escape game x Anime reverse game trial
“Popular Yoshimoto entertainer murder case” holding commemoration fair overview

Real escape game × Animation reversal trial “popular Yoshimoto entertainer murder case” We will fairly expand the selection book selected by performers and creators in the original band containing the photos of the recommender and comments. In addition, we will present posters with autographed autographs of all six of the nominees, for 3 people by lottery from those who purchased the items eligible for fair, from those who applied from the QR code listed in the obi.

■ Fair holding period
February 26 (Tue) – March 31 (Sunday) in 2019

■ Ichioshi Books List
□ Hiroki Kaji (Ryuichi Naritaro / voice actor)
“Who” Asoui Ryo / Shincho Bunko
Everyone is playing someone.
You, too!

After reading, it should think.
Who ‘s there are “who?”

□ Yuki Akira (Ryori Makuyasu / Voice Actor)
“Isolated castle of Kagamino” Senjitsu Tsujimura / poplar company
From the feeling of loneliness of the early stage, the flow to approach the core of the story is very beautiful and I love it.
The more you read, the warm heart of the characters warms someone’s heart … tears did not stop at such a story.
If something goes wrong with animation someday … I will think about it, but I feel like there is some goodness to read in books ….
It’s surprisingly easy to read, so please read it to various people by all means, I want to talk about impressions after reading.

□ Hiroaki Hirata (role of Godot / voice actor)
“Thirty things you have to do now to become a selling voice actor” Takumi Hiraku / Gentosha
Only this book wraps around, read it before Yui Kaji earlier!

□ Trendy Angel Saito Tsuji (suspect role / entertainer)
“Confession” Kanae Minato / Futaba Paperback
Works that I could read through the novel for the first time, the movie was great, too.

□ Shinki (“Creator of the reverse game” / CAPCOM)
“Children of Brown Father” G · K · Chesterton / Mr. Genki Genro
Strange logic (logic), paradox (paradox) and dango (humor) … … The origin of the idea of ​​”Inversion Court” is here.

□ Takayo Kato (“Real escape game” birth parent / SCRAP)
“5 minutes real escape game” SCRAP / SCRAP publication
Welcome to the world of ‘Nazotoki’ where you can enjoy your life for the rest of 5 minutes!

■ Store list
Prefecture bookstore name
Hokkaido Kumazawa Writing Store Ario Sapporo Store
Miyagi kumazawa bookstore Espal Sendai store
Gunma prefecture Kumasawa Bookstore Isesaki branch
Saitama prefecture Kumasawa bookstores and others Garden Kawaguchi store
Saitama Prefecture ACADEMIA Arisa shop
Tokyo Metropolitan Government ACADEMIA Tokyu Plaza Kamata Store
Tokyo Kumasawa Bookstore Aqua City Odaiba store
Tokyo Kumasawa Bookstore Kinshicho Store
Tokyo Kumasawa Bookstore Ikebukuro Sunshine Alpa Store
Tokyo Kumasawa Bookstore Hachioji store
Kanagawa Prefecture ACADEMIA Kohoku store
Kanagawa Prefecture ACADEMIA Kumakazawa bookstore Hashimoto store
Chiba Kumakazawa book store Kashiwa Takashimaya store
Chiba Prefecture Kuma Zawa Bookstore Perrier Chiba Main Store
Shizuoka prefecture Kumasawa book store Numazu store
Niigata Prefecture Kuma Zawa Bookstore Niigata Decky Store
Nagano Prefecture Ikeda Bookstore Nagano store
Aichi Prefecture Kumakazawa Bookstore Inasawa branch
Osaka kumazawa bookstore pose Namba Parks store
Kyoto Prefecture Kumakazawa Bookstore Momoyama branch
Hyogo ken Kazazawa book store Aomasasaki store
Hiroshima Prefecture Kuma Zawa Bookstore Fukuyama branch
Kagawa Prefecture Kumasawa Bookstore Takamatsu branch
Fukuoka prefecture Kumasawa Bookstore Ogura branch
Okinawa Prefecture Boyodo Shobo Main Place Store

■ Campaign page scrap_gyakutensaiban.html

Real escape game x Animation reversal trial “Popular Yoshimoto entertainer murder case” overview

Real escape game × Animation reversal trial
Real escape game × Animation inversion trial “popular Yoshimoto entertainer murder case” main visual

■ Story
During the rehearsal of a comedy show, popular Yoshimoto entertainers were killed.
The suspect is Trendy Angel, Saito Tsu.
“Oh, I am not the culprit! You guys …… who do you think I am! Saito-san!”
Saigo will be arrested as well as the gag of whole body is vain.
All the testimony of the Xenono co-stars and the evidence used in Monoboke confirmed his crime.
Guilty is certain with this way!
In the hopeless situation, you will take advantage of the comedy story and promises of Genkado and assistant who took defense, and will continue to attach me.
One hour until the end of the trial!
Can you trace the trap of the script (scenario) that was trickly organized by the real culprit and reach the truth (punch line)?

■ Schedule February 28, 2019 START (Thu)
■ Host city Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Miyagi, Gunma, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, Shizuoka, Niigata, Nagano, Ishikawa, Kyoto, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Okayama, Kagawa, Fukuoka, Okinawa
A charge
【Advance】 General 3,200 yen / student 2,900 yen / group ticket 18,600 yen
【Advance performance with pamphlet】 General 4,700 yen / student 4,400 yen / group ticket 27,600 yen
【The day】 General 3,700 yen / student 3,400 yen
※ If the advance ticket is sold out, we will not sell the same day ticket.
※ “Group ticket” is a ticket that you can rent a table with the number of people you like from 1 to 6 people.
※ “Group tickets” and “Tickets with performance pamphlets” are handled only for advance sale.
※ “Pamphlet of the performance” will be exchanged at the venue on the day of participation. Six booklets are included in “Group ticket with performance pamphlet”.
Ticket popular now on sale

■ Game system time limit: 60 minutes / Estimated time required: About 120 minutes / Team number: 6 people / Place: Indoor
■ Inquiries SCRAP 03-5341-4570 (weekdays from 11: 00 to 19: 00)
■ Organizer · Planning and production SCRAP
■ Production Cooperation Bad News / Ticket Pia Kyushu
■ Cooperation Yomiuri Television, CloverWorks, A-1 Pictures, CAPCOM
■ Event Information Page
■ Event CM 2nd

“Popular Yoshimoto Geisha murder case” CM 2nd bullet 1

“Popular Yoshimoto Geisha murder case” CM 2nd bullet 2

Popular Yoshimoto Entertainer Murder Case
Popular Yoshimoto Geisha murder case” CM 2nd volume 3

Supplementary information
What is a real escape game?
“Escape game” which was explosively excited with a free game of “net of crimson room” announced in 2004 started.
“Real escape game” is a bold game that transfers the format to the real world as it is.
It is held in various places such as one room of condominiums, abolition schools, waste hospitals, Tokyo Dome and Roppongi Hills.
Since its first opening in 2007, it involves more than 4 million participants in enthusiasm in not only Japan but Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore and San Francisco worldwide. It incorporates every generation regardless of gender and women, it is a big attention now entertainment.
★ Real escape game official website

★ Real escape game Twitter account @ realdgame

The state of the real escape game in the past 1
A state of the real real escape game of the past 1

The state of the real escape game of the past 2
A state of real exit game of the past 2

Scene of past real escape game 3
A state of the real escape game of the past 3

Animation “Inversion Trial ~ That” truth “, objection! ~ Season 2 “What is it?

Animation “Inversion Trial ~ That” truth “, objection! Season 2 ”

On Yomiuri TV · Nippon Television System, from “Saturday Evening 5: 30” popular broadcasting (excluding some areas) “Reversal Law – That” Truth “, Objections! ~ Season 2” is a big hit with a trial subject The original game “Inversion Trial” is original.

Clients involved in a strange incident.
A hero’s newcomer lawyer, Ryuichi Gakudo stands up to clear their charges. Is the accused guilty or innocent …?
Naruto believes in the client and carries out a hot battle with the rival prosecutors in court.
At the moment of being caught in a stalemate pinch, and at the moment of everything, punctuate Mujun from a little evidence along with the word of “There is objection!”, Raise a brilliant reversal play!

Attention is also drawn to an episode with a comical interaction by numerous rich character, including Mr. Chiki Ayasato, a beautiful lawyer from Akihodo, assistant Ryori Makoto, rival prosecutor Ken Ren Samurai and others!
Rolling out objections, drawing objections, truth, by reversing the twisted truth, the idea of ​​the teacher’s yuzuri.
Beggar for a painful puzzling basket blowing a new wind into the animation world!

★ Official site

What is the game ‘Inversion Trial’ series?
A series of “inversion trials” that will become lawyers and reveal the truth to save innocent clients. It is a popular game series that exceeds 6,800,000 units (as of September 2018) of the series cumulative number of shipments, calling a topic of unique workability, individuality characters and scenario built in the courtroom. Up to now 6 works have been released in the series, February 21, 2019 (Thursday), the calling with immortal masterpieces is also high “Reverse Trial 123 Sekido Selection” has become a high resolution and the latest game machine It will be on sale.
■ Title name: Inversion Trial 123 Sekido selection
■ Platform: PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch & # x2122; / Xbox One / PC
■ Genre: court battle
■ Release date: February 21, 2019 (Thursday) ※ PC (STEAM) only scheduled for spring 2019
■ Suggested retail price:
PS4 / NS package version 3,300 yen + tax / PS4 / NS / PC download version 3,056 yen + tax / Xbox One download version 3,080 yen + tax
■ Number of players: 1 person
■ CERO: B (subjects over 12 years old)
■ Official site:

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